Samsung Central Station Hands-On

As consumers become more mobile, users are opting for more of a laptop experience compared to being stuck at a desktop. However, as we all know, the small screen and keyboard on your laptop is not always sufficient. Samsung has now solved this issue with Central Station.

Central Station seamlessly connects all elements of the of your mobile computer, including notebook PC, display, peripherals, network, and AV, to its own monitors.

Here's how it works. Instead of plugging in all of your peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, printer, etc. to your desktop, the user will plug them into the central hub. Then, once the USB connector is inserted into a laptop, bring the laptop within 3.2 feet of the Central Station and you will be immediately presented with a full desktop experience right from your laptop.

The monitor and hub solutions come in both 23- and 27-inch options and will both sport WLED backlighting when it's made available in March of this year.