World's Largest Full HD 3D LED TV Showcased by Samsung

One of the most impressive TVs we saw on the CES 2011 showroom floor was definitely the new Samsung 75" LED display. Being touted as the "Worlds Largest Full HD 3D LED TV," the screen was the most impressive 3D HD display we have seen.

Samsung wasn't allowing anyone to dive into menus or get to use the massive television, but from the video output we saw the video was very stunning. However, all of the demo reel was slow moving, high quality video, if the device was running a fast paced movie, the end result might be a bit different.

No word on pricing, but we can imagine that it's not going to be cheap when it's made available later this year. But, if you're looking for this device, and have the money, all you will need to worry about is if the 75" display will fit in your living room space.