netTALK TV WiFi digital video device surfaces

NetTALK has had a dirt cheap phone call device on the market for a long time now. The device is a VoIP tool that makes calling all around the country and the world very cheap. NetTALK has announced a new device called the netTALK TV that is a small WiFi digital video streaming device. It has to be combined with the netTALK Duo phone call device to work.

When the device is connected the user can choose what content to view. The Duo sits in a small cradle in the netTALK TV offering and lets the user get rid of cable and phone service with one smaller footprint device.

It's unclear exactly what content the netTALK TV provides to the viewer at this point. It will launch in Q3 2011 so we are a long way out from seeing the device hit store shelves.