LG Revolution Hands-On [Video]

One of the more overlooked phones that was announced at this year's CES was the LG Revolution. Being the first 4G handset from LG, the Revolution sports a large 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen, Android 2.2, and dual cameras.

One of the major focuses of the device is its ability to serve as a 4G wireless hotspot for up to 8 devices. Bringing 4G to the masses, the Revolution proved to be fast, but only "mid-grade fast." With our hands-on time with the LG device, we only saw a bit of lag. Maps didn't render as fast as they did on the Atrix or Samsung 4G LTE Smartphone, which is expected, but it still performed well.

The device features a 1GHz Qualcomm processor, but compared to Samsung's we were definitely see a bit of a slowdown. Check out our hands-on with the device from the Verizon Press Conference.

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