Nexus S Boots Ubuntu

There's no doubt at this point that the Nexus S from Samsung, which out of the box runs Android's latest version of Android (2.3), is a versatile device. We've already seen the handset boot up MeeGo, and now the developer is at it again. This time, though, we've got Ubuntu loading up on the device. The XDA developer forum member, stroughtonsmith — or Steven Troughton-Smith– has gone through the same method of bringing MeeGo to the device, but focusing his attention on Ubuntu this time around.

The Nexus S, while running the different Operating System, isn't a perfect handset, and if you're thinking about doing this, you should definitely not do it on your personal, every day device. stroughtonsmith points out that, as of right now, the touchscreen isn't working. However, he says that is something to do with his kernel, and that it should be fixed soon.

stroughtonsmith used the same Ubuntu image that was used in the HD2 process, but he used the same process to bring Ubuntu to the device that he used bringing MeeGo to the handset. Of course, there's instructions through the source link below, and we shouldn't have to say that you should be extremely careful when attempting anything like this, on any device. So tread carefully, if you do decide to step forward.

[via XDA; thanks, Steven!]