Nexus S Booted to MeeGo OS

Our pal Steven Troughton-Smith, aka XDA Developers Forum member stroughtonsmith, has released word that MeeGo has successfully been booted from the Nexus S. He and those working with him have booted MeeGo on their Nexus S handsets from a rootfs image on their internal memory – that means no flashing is needed at all! This is big news because not only does MeeGo offer a whole different operating system on a powerful bit of device, but it might very well be the first operating system (aside from the native Android) to work on the Nexus S successfully. Super fun and awesome hackin away!

To get full instruction on how to grab MeeGo for your own for your very own Nexus S, head over to Android Community. Perhaps you remember a few days ago when HTC HD2 got a MeeGo 1.1 install? That was popular as well. Does this set of events signify the oncoming of a new wave? Probably more like the lapping of water up on the shore – but water all the same!

There are several items that are totally non-functional at the moment, and this project's definitely for advanced users. Items that don't work yet: Touchscreen, Super-AMOLED brightness control (meaning it's pretty dark,) Wifi, and more than likely more. There are a few things that definitely DO work, which is nice: ADB root shell and X11 and UI apps. Take a peek at the directions on Android Community, make it work for you, and let us know how it works!

[Via Android Community]