Verizon LTE Android devices to get exclusive Rhapsody streaming with better quality

Rhapsody has been around on smartphones for a while now with apps that let users stream and download tunes from their Rhapsody accounts. Verizon and Rhapsody have announced that Android smartphone users on the new LTE network with Verizon will get better quality music and more from Rhapsody.

The Android LTE app will provide listeners with higher quality music in AAC format at 192 kbps. The LTE network is fast enough to allow the user to download ten songs in about 30 seconds. The app also has access to video content as well.

The Rhapsody TV access provided by the LTE Android app allows the user to watch the Rhapsody Originals concerts with interviews and more from the most popular artists around. Verizon says that its LTE network already covers a third of the country and over the next three years, its entire 3G coverage area will be upgraded to LTE.

Via Android Community