Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series is Not A Tablet, Not Quite A PC

Continuing with their show floor routine at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung provided some hands-on time with their new Samsung 7 Series device. The company has already officially announced the device, and considering its unique sliding form-factor, and the tablet-like appearance, we wanted to make sure to get our hands on it.

The Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series is a strange mix between a tablet and a laptop, or notebook. Designed to function primarily as a tablet, but featuring a slide-out hardware keyboard, it's meant for those who want the tablet experience, but also need a hardware keyboard handy at all times. It's running Windows 7 Home Premium, and features WiFi and 3G connectivity. There's Bluetooth, and the device will support Samsung App integration.

For those who need to have accessories, owners will be able to connect their USB peripherals and HDMI connectors to the device as well. Check out the images below for the close-up shots of the device.