Nintendo defends 3DS, it's not dangerous it says

Nintendo gave an official warning not long ago that young children shouldn't play the 3DS for an extended period of time. The kids that could have their vision harmed are those age six and under. The reason for the risk is that the kid's eyes are still developing according to Nintendo. Nintendo has come back and noted that despite that warning and the fact that it will hurt sales of the 3DS, the product is not dangerous.

Nintendo says that it is being proactive in issuing warnings to users. Nintendo didn't deny that the warning was a preemptive attempt to ward off any potential future litigation if children's eyes are harmed from playing the 3DS too much reports the Wall Street Journal.

Despite the warning, Nintendo expects to ship about 1.5 million 3DS units in Japan within the first month it is available reports Reuters. Nintendo is working to prevent any shortages of the device to maximize sales. Nintendo's Satoru Iwata said, "It's important that we ensure a continuous supply."