PQ Labs shows off MultiTouch screen overlays at CES

PQ Labs was on hands at CES Showing off its multi-touch technology. The company has a lot of different products including some very expensive touch walls and more. The company was showing off its true Multitouch tech that allows the screen to detect up to 32 fingers at the same time. The company describes the tech as similar to what you might have seen in the film Inception.

The big thing that the company has is touchscreen overlays that can be added to an existing display. The overlays are cheaper than buying a full multitouch screen. A 24-inch overlay starts at $449 with the mutli-touch apps and SDK included. The overlay is capable of detecting six fingers at one time and the Plus version can detect 32-fingers at once.

The overlays in 24-inch and 27-inch sizes will ship in January with a smaller 21.5-inch version shipping in late Q1. There are also overlays for other size screens in the works.