Epson outs new line of projectors for education

Epson has unveiled a bunch of new projectors that are aimed at the education market. The new projectors are the PowerLite 92, 93, 95, and 96W. The line replaces the current line of PowerLite 83V+, 83+, 84+, 85+, and 826W+ projectors. The improved new versions add in new features for the education line with an integrated speaker, more brightness, and HDMI digital connectivity.

The PowerLite 92 sells for $649, and 93 will sell for $699 and both have 2400 lumens of color and white light output. The PowerLite 95 has 2600 lumens and it and the 92 and 93 have XGA resolution. The 96W sells for $899 and has 2700 lumens of color and white light output with a resolution of 1280 x 800. The 95 and 96W can also transmit over IP networks.

Common features to the new line include USB plug and play capability, a 16W speaker inside, and HDMI connectivity. The projectors have 1.2x optical zoom and 3LCD technology. All of the new projectors will ship in March.