Motorola XOOM WiFi-only in April; 800k shipments expected Q1

Motorola is expecting strong sales of its XOOM tablet, and has ordered as many as 800,000 units for Q1 2011 alone, according to the latest supply chain leaks. According to DigiTimes, four color options make up the 700,000 to 800,000 unit orders Motorola has placed, with suppliers expecting total orders this quarter to near one million. Meanwhile, the WiFi-only version of the XOOM is now expected to arrive in April.

According to Latin America Motorola exec Maurizio Angelone, the XOOM will arrive in Argentina in WiFi-only form come April 2011, with the 3G version following on a month later. It's not clear if the same WiFi timescale will hold for the US or other regions where the XOOM is expected to be released; Verizon has promised the 3G XOOM sometime in Q1 2011.

[via Android Community]