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HP ships new LCD and Plasma TV lineup

HP is now shipping its new lineup of flat panel TVs, including HP’s first 1080p LCD HDTVs.

HP High-Definition LCD TV

Launched at CES, these new models feature HP Visual Fidelity technology, which enhances image quality and detail precision. Using motion-adaptive noise reduction, photorealistic sharpness enhancement and 3D color enrichment, the TVs achieve exceptional image accuracy and vivid colors for the ultimate HD viewing experience.


Pioneer shows off new 8G plasma TVs

If you’re thinking about buying a new plasma TV, you might want to wait just a little while. Pioneer has announced their new 8G plasma TVs, and they look like they’ll be worth the wait.

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Win a 50″ plasma TV from HP

I’m sure that none of you would find the prospect of winning a 50-inch Plasma TV from HP very alluring. But if you find that your old TV could be replaced, I’ll let you know how you can win one.


Microtek announces a helluva lot of Plasmas

Microtek, a company that specializes in video products for consumers, has just announced two new lines of Plasmas, which include 4 different models in total. The Cineon line of Plasma TVs have a “piano-black” frame that is covered with gloss. There is a 42″ and 50″ version. The smaller version has one large base, while the 50″ version has two legs.

The other line of Plasmas, simply called Mictrotek, cost $1,000 and $2,000 less, respectively. It comes in a silver-coloured finish, and the sizes are also 42″ and 50″. The two lines of Plasmas from the company can be compared to as the Macbook and the Macbook Pro line from Apple. The Cineon line seems to be for more professional users, while the Microtek line is for home users.

SlashGear will be trying out the TV sets at CES, so we will tell you what we think. Microtek’s website has some more info.

Cineon Product Page [Via: Microtek]

Plasmas and LCDs galore

Plasmas and LCDs galore

Recently major TV manafucturers have been accross the board as to what their stance is on Plasma TVs and LCD TVs. Panasonic wants to boost sales of their Plasmas, so they are shifting their marketing to put more focus on Plasmas rather than LCDs. Meanwhile, they are offering sizes of 23"-32" for their LCD TVs. Their thinking is that service and quality is enhanced on the larger models, so their focus now is on the smaller LCD models, along with the Plasma TVs.

Sony has used their WEGA brand for a while now. They dopped out of the Plasma battle and are now focused on selling LCD TVs. They feel that LCDs provide greater advantage over Plasmas. Infact, their feeling is so strong that they conducted a burn-in test on Plasmas from rival company Panasonic, which revealed that the Plasmas are prone to burn-ins. These claims have been thought of as sketchy, and have been dismissed, as new Plasmas are launched with burn-in prevention.

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Matsushita Readies 103-inch Plasma TV for Sale

Just in case you feel that your current TV is simply not large enough for your tastes, Matsushita is ready to begin selling their monster-sized 103-inch plasma TV, otherwise known as “that big-ass TV that requires a second mortgage on your home to buy.” It features such state-of-the-art features as 1080p HDTV capabilities and a 3000:1 contrast ratio, and weighs in at an astounding 215 kg (or roughly 474 lbs.).


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