Rumor: Helio Mysto is Samsung U600?

God I hope so, that is one sexy ass phone. Helio does always manage to pick the cream of the proverbial crop when it comes to phones, most recently the Fin, and amazing phone packing GPS a 3MP cam, support for up to a 4GB microSD card, a huge screen, it really was a work of art.

And now, if this rumor is true, they are getting a phone that looks like a slider version of and updated, and slightly better looking, version of the Fin, and I am sure it will have more/better features too. Helio is the company that knows how to do a slider correctly too, just look at the Ocean, one of the few phones out there without a touch screen that is still a decent competitor to the iPhone.


Helio Mysto replaces popular Drift cellphone

Update 12/22/2007:Helio Mysto Unboxing Video and First Look
Update 12/21/2007:Helio Mysto Soft Launch!

As Disney retires their cellphone service, so Helio has seemingly retired one of their most popular handsets: that’s right, the Drift – which our sister site SlashPhone liked so much they made it the star of several videos – has been put out to pasture to be replaced by a new model, the Mysto.

As is ever the case, the tight-lipped lovelies at Helio are letting no details escape them until closer to launch, although an FCC filing for the Samsung SPH-A523 went live back in August only to be fingered as the newby in Helio’s range.


MySpace Mobile now available on more devices than Helio handsets

Don’t get me wrong, I still very much recommend you get a Helio, they are amazing devices, but if you’re not able to for some reason, you will still be able to access MySpace on your mobile. Apparently a mobile MySpace was also available on AT&T handsets as well.

With the new MySpace mobile, you will be able to send and receive messages, manage friend requests, comment on pics, post bulletins, post blogs, and find new friends and/or groupies. That’s a lot of stuff to do on a device that’s probably lacking a QWERTY keypad.


Hack – Opera Mini 4 on your Helio Ocean, now with QWERTY support

If you’re a fellow Helio Ocean owner like myself, you’ll be happy to know that you now have a choice when it comes to web browsers. Not that there is anything really wrong with the current one, but having choices is always good.


Pantech c810, Makers of Helio Ocean Release 2nd Dual Slider

Pantech, the maker of the Helio Ocean, is set to release the c810. AT&T will be getting this dual slider, instead of Helio. Sadly though, AT&T’s version might have Windows Mobile 6, but Helio has the power of Sprint’s EV-DO network, instead of mere EDGE speeds.

So, if you are a big fan of Windows Mobile 6, but also liked the dual slider action of the Ocean, feel free to go ahead and buy the Ocean and tell all the c810 users how much faster it is. No really though, the c810 is a pretty decent option for all the business users who need a phone based on the Windows Mobile platform.


Helio Cuts 100 Jobs, Nothing To Worry About Though

So Helio, our, well at least, my favorite mobile provider and purveyor of some of the best devices on the market, cut about 100 jobs the other day. Thankfully, they didn’t cut them because of financial woes, in fact it’s quite the opposite.

They cut those jobs because July was a record month for the company and August has already beat that record by at least 25%, which caused them to take notice of where they weren’t making money. So, they are still in business, and it looks like they will be for a while.


Helio Fin Modelling

Allyson was kind enough to pose with the Helio Fin for us, so I am just going to let the pictures speak for themselves.


Videos of Helio Fin in Action

Helio released a series of new features with the Fin including HelioUP, Helio H.O.T. (Helio On Top), and Garmin Mobile. Below are videos of Helio H.O.T. first and then HelioUP. Then I threw in a video of the Media Player in action.


Unboxing the Helio Fin

This is my first unboxing for SlashGear, so I went ahead and gave it a go in the video below. Then Vincent, who has had far more experience with this sort of thing, uploaded his, so that will be the video below mine.

The package came via UPS and contained the single sleeved box as usual along with the latest copy of Helio Magazine. The contents were the Helio Fin, the USB cable, the power cable, and the headset. Other than that there was the health and safety manual, the disc which contains the full manual and the quick start guides in PDF format, and then there is the quick start guides and a business card to give your friends.


SlashGear Review: Helio Fin

SlashGear Review: Helio Fin

So this morning I received in my hot little hands a Helio Fin. Its been well covered on SlashGear, and even more so in our forums. If you want the full list of details you can read the full information here.

The new features this Helio has going for it, though, are what you are likely most interested in and thus what I will cover most. First, there is the 3MP camera that is built in, then there is the thin and sexy clamshell form factor; I have borrowed a pink RAZR for comparison. Other than that there's Helio’s Ultimate Messaging Suite and Ultimate Inbox. The new features on the software side aren't small in comparison either. First there is Helio On Top or H.O.T., then there is HelioUP making it ever easier to geo-tag and instantly upload photos and videos taken with the Helio Fin. Last but not least there is Garmin Mobile, their new turn-by-turn GPS navigation software.

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Social Networking Not As Popular As Expected

M:Metrics just did a study to see how many people were using their cell phones to view social networking sites. The numbers were admittedly low, but in context I was surprised.

I personally have tried accessing MySpace and YouTube both on a couple of basic phones, and it just don’t work, like someone starting a daycare and don’t like kids. So I would assume that if they did their study and eliminated the phones that were incapable of accessing such sites, and then further eliminated phones that were on networks that were unable to access the sites, the percentages at least would probably come out different.


Helio Fin – Thin and sexy

Helio has finally taken the wraps off of their latest phone device which is made by Samsung. The Fin is a thin and sleek clamshell phone that packs quite a few high-end features. But will it be enough to make me put down my Ocean?

The Fin is actually Helio’s first clamshell phone, and it’s definitely a good choice. It is currently the thinnest flip-phone available in the US measuring in at 11mm. The phone comes with a 2.3-inch QVGA display with a resolution of 240 x 320. The camera shoots at 3Megapixels with a 4x zoom, and shoots video in MPEG-4. Stereo Bluetooth is also supported.


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