Fujifilm Z200fd & A850 point-&-shoot digicams announced

Fujifilm have updated both their Z-series and A-series of digital cameras with the FinePix Z200fd and the FinePix A850.  The Z200fd has a slick metal body, 10-megapixel CCD and 5x optical zoom.  Meanwhile the 8.1-megapixel A850 has a 3x Fujinon optical zoom, ISO 800 sensitivity and image stabilization.  Sadly the company hasn’t done much for the A850’s appearance; compared to what’s on offer from rivals (and in fact compared to Fujifilm’s own Z200fd), it looks quite bland and uninteresting.


Fujifilm FinePix Z20fd

The newest in the FinePix line of cameras is the Z20fd. I have to say that they are one of the nicer looking cameras I’ve seen lately style-wise. Aside from looking good the Z20fd also packs some pretty useful features.


Fujifilm Tape Tracker

Still using tapes for your backup solution? First of all, my condolences, secondly, there is now a solution that should help decrease the chances of you losing them. The device takes the shape of a full sized tape disk but offers up GPS coordinates instead of storage space.

So, as long as your transport your tapes in sets, your set. The GPS supposedly works even in rural areas and will even broadcast through vehicles and warehouses.


Fuji FinePix F480

Do you remember back when you could get a 2MP camera for just $200? It might not have been the best camera on the market at the time, but you didn’t really care, so long as it let you ditch the old 35mm camera that you’d been using. These days there are so many cameras that give you so much more, for so much less.


New Fujifilm FinePix S8000fd Has An Amazing 18x Zoom!

I am not quite knowledgeable enough about photography or cameras to be able to fully appreciate a DSLR. One thing I have learned from using point and shoots is that digital zoom is the devil, and a high optical zoom is great for taking distance shots.


Fujifilm releases special IS Pro

Fujifilm has recently upgraded their FinePix line to include the IS Pro. The camera is basically a high-end S5 Pro camera with some extra features.


12.34-million pixel Fujifilm Digital SLR

12.34-million pixel Fujifilm Digital SLR

If you're in the market for a high-resolution digital SLR camera, then Fujifilm reckons it might have the model for you.  The FinePix S5 Pro boasts an expanded dynamic range thanks to its use of a double pixel Super CCD SR Pro sensor that can recognise 6.17 million S-pixels and 6.17 million R-pixels to give an effective 12.34 million pixel count and 400% wider range than a single-pixel CCD.  Fujifilm have also thrown their RP Processor Pro into the mixture, giving a frankly boggling ISO equivalent sensitivity of 3200.

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Fujifilm Photo Printer makes tiny snaps on the move

Sometimes, when I’m wandering the cold, dark streets in search of some food or another victim, I spot an obvious business opportunity – taking the photo of a happy group of revellers, perhaps, or documenting a road traffic incident.  Of course, I never actually get round to emailing those photos off, never mind printing them and posting them via snail “are we nearly there yet?” mail.  What I need, I hear you grumble, is Fujifilm’s Pivi MP-300, a portable photo printer that not only fits into your (somewhat large) pocket but can connect via infrared and PictBridge USB to compatible digital cameras and cellphones to produce business card-sized snaps.

Okay, so it’s a mystery why they chose infrared and not Bluetooth – perhaps they’re planning a special edition “Beam it in Blue” for next Christmas or something – but I can see this being a useful little gadget.  Sadly it’s Japan-only for now, and costs around $130.

Fujifilm [via Pocket-lint]

New Fuji Z5fd Camera

The latest camera from Fuji is the Z5fd, a slim 6-megapixel compact point-and-shoot model specializing in face tracking and recognition. Doesn’t seem to be incredibly impressive, but I suppose its a good camera for those prone to blurry-faced images. The camera comes with 26MB internal memory , xD expansion slot, and the usual 2.5-inch LCD and 3x optical zoom. Colors include red, silver, and brown. Pricing and availibility have not been announced yet.

Newest Fuji camera specializes in face recognition [Via: MobileMag]

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