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EasiShelf gives you a shelf for your charging gadgets

The EasiShelf is a little dorky. I can imagine finding it in the colored plastic bins at a flea market or finding a baggie of them in my grandma’s cabinet. However, it is useful and I would like one.


CES 2008: Daytona II Wireless Optical Mobile Mouse

If words like chrome, rubber and Daytona get your heart pumping and you happen to be in the market for a wireless mouse, then you’re sure to love this one. Its wheel is chrome accented, it has a rubber tread and of course it’s called the DAYTONA II.


The Aquavision Towel Rail TV

I tend to get all starry eyed and dreamy just over a towel warmer, but a tv too. It almost seems like too much to even comprehend. Yet the Aquavision Towel Rail TV has done the impossible and combined two luxurious pleasures into one gadget.


E-mood Furnitrue Range – Fashion for your Facility

If there is one room in the house where functional and practical take reign over style and class, it’s the bathroom. The bathroom, often small and cramped, needs space and outlets above all other things, aside from a toilet, sink and tub/shower that is. Duravit kept that in mind with its e-mood design and brought along a little style and class with it.

The e-mood furniture range is just about everything you could ask for in a bathroom accessory. It comes with all the lighting requirements, via touch LEDs, one may need in the bathroom and with its programmable mood lighting it also comes with all the lighting one may want in the bathroom. This includes a nightlight feature which turns on when it gets dark. You’ll also find a discretely placed tissue and soap dispenser, a cosmetic shelf and of course a hidden power outlet! You’ll also get the e-light element, e-wall fitted storage cabinet and a large illuminated glass e-screen.


Toilet Tunes – A little music with your toilet sir?

When ‘musical fruit’ just isn’t soothing enough in the bathroom, the Toilet Tunes Automatic Bathroom Entertainment System will step in. Your bathroom experience will never be the same.

The Toilet Tunes system works with two units. One will be placed in an area of your choosing and the other on the back of the lid so that when it’s raised a sensor will let the other unit know to start its magic. You can choose from several different musical tastes including jazz, latin guitar, techno/pop or even various nature sounds.


Miscea Sensor Activated Faucet – Never touch the faucet again

One doesn’t really consider a faucet to be very high-tech.. They generally only have a couple of functions; hot, cold and off. Simple, right? This cool faucet has got a few extra tricks up its sleeve.

The first cool feature of the Miscea Sensor Activated Facet is that you don’t ever actually need to touch it. This is actually really great because when most people wash their hands they first touch the faucet to turn it on, wash, then touch the faucet (where their germ-covered hands just touched) to turn it back off.. That feature alone makes this worth mentioning, however, it can also dispense soap and disinfectant lotion, also without touching it.


Hoesch Water Lounge – The ultimate bathtub

I’ll admit, I’m a guy that enjoys soaking in a hot bath at the end of a long day. I’ve always found it to be very relaxing, and it’s the one place in my house where I don’t have some sort of high-tech device where people can bug me. Unfortunately, most bathtubs aren’t exactly the most comfortable to lie in for very long. This one, however, looks like it would be awesome.


A windshield wiper for your bathroom – car not included

It’s a common issue, you get out of a hot shower, dry off, get dressed and look in the mirror only to see it all fogged up. I’ll save you the scientific explanation of why this happens as I trust you already know. Now if only there were a convenient way to rid yourself of this layer of moisture.

Sure, you could wipe your towel across it, but that never works that well. You could plug in the blow dryer, and that would actually work pretty well. However, wouldn’t it be easier to go out to your car, steal one of the windshield wipers and use that on the mirror? No? What if you had a windshield wiper attached to the mirror? That would work quite well.


Mister Miser Folding Urinal

I really don’t think it can get much simpler or more compact than this to add a urinal to your house. It folds nearly flat into your wall for goodness sake.

Its better for the environment too as a flush only requires 10 ounces of water, that’s a little more than a glass, as compared to gallon per flush or more that a lot of toilets are still using. Just imagine being able to discreetly put a urinal anywhere in, or out of your house.


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