LG Glimmer touchscreen slider coming to Alltel – too bad it couldn’t have hit a better carrier

It has a 2.8-inch capacitive touchscreen and a menu similar to that of the PRADA cell phones. In fact, save for the slide out number pad, it kind of looks like a more generic version of the PRADA phone.


New Alltel phones coming your way

Alltel is coming out with some new phones soon, there’s something from Palm, RIM, Motorola, and UTStarcom. If you just got Alltel coverage in your area but have been waiting for some better handsets or if you have been with them for a while and just want a new handset, it’s your lucky day.

First off is the Treo 755p, not really all that new of a device, but its good, and it clearly aimed at the business people. However the BlackBerry Pearl 2 or 8130 should open some eyes.


Alltel launches Motorazr2 V9m

Alltel gets on the new RAZR 2 bandwagon today in releasing the V9m with some of its own customization such as XM Radio, Celltop, Axcess Search, and TeleNav GPS. The V9m offers standard features such as microSD expansion slot, stereo Bluetooth support, 2 megapixel camera with video capabilities, and a handsome external display – which are all on par with Sprint (click to read review), Verizon and at&t’s version of the RAZR2.


Alltel’s Latest Clamshell Is The LG Wave

I gather that the phone is wavy, hence the name. From what I do see, it does in fact look like a pretty sleek phone.

For the specs now, there is a 1.3MP cam that can also record video. As far as media goes, there is the MP3 player with external controls and a memory card slot allowing for more storage as well as the A2DP Bluetooth profile.

Other than that, there is the integrate GPS. So really the phone isn’t anything to write home about other than its sleek looks and low price of $80 with a 2-year contract.

LG Wave Crashes On Shores Of Alltel [via CrunchGear]

Pantech & Alltel To Launch PN-218 Handset

Pantech & Alltel To Launch PN-218 Handset

Seoul, South Korea - August 18 2006:  Pantech Group, the number two mobile phone manufacturer in South Korea, today announced that it has signed an agreement for the supply of its compact PN-218 handset to Alltel Wireless, owner and operator of America’s largest wireless network.

The Pantech PN-218 phone - a CDMA handset to be sold by Alltel under the Pantech brand in the U.S. - is targeted at young, trend conscious consumers and incorporates an enhanced, compact unique design to provide users with a superior yet practical range of easy to use applications.

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