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Burning Reminder Ring – Never Miss an Anniversary Again

Burning Reminder Ring – Never Miss an Anniversary Again

Forgetting your anniversary is one thing that will make your life miserable (at least for a month). Writing it down on your PDA will not guarantee you will remember them and prepare special things for your spouse on time. Here comes your ultimate reminder, a Reminder Ring, this ring will heats up to 120F degrees for at least 10 seconds, on every hour starting from the day before your anniversary date. The ring is powered by battery that will charge itself using your body heat so it will not died out before it gets to burn your finger. The date of burning finger hell will be programmed into the ring when you order them. So if you do not want to miss your anniversary, this is one way of doing it, or you can just remember it!

Remember Ring Gives You a Burning Reminder [via gizmodo, product page]

Merom Based Celeron M in Q1 2007

Merom Based Celeron M in Q1 2007

Intel has been on the uproar lately for their performance and midrange processor, so where does the low end processor goes? Don’t you worry; the low end Celeron lineup is getting structure makeover soon, as Intel will release Merom-based Celeron M in first quarter 2007. The 64-Bit Celeron will not inherit the Core 2 Duo name; they will be named as Celeron M 500 family instead. The first two models to be available in Q1 will be Celeron M520 (1.6Ghz) and the Celeron M530 (1.73Ghz). Celeron M520 will be priced at $134; as for M530 pricing has yet to be announced.

Dell Sells Ergodex Customisable Keyboard

I once went on a blind date with someone who had been rather horribly injured in an industrial accident while working at a tuna canning plant.  The fingers of their right hand were splayed out across a 270 degree angle, which not only ended their unpromising career as a jazz trombone player but made typing the “Touching the Void” style screenplay about the experience damned difficult on a standard keyboard.


Carbon Butterfly takes to the skies

“Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?” 
“Yes, it’s a plane.”

In a world with no Superman, a lot of sky-watching conversations go just like that.  And it’s just not that easy to learn to be a pilot yourself, albeit a little easier than putting your underpants on over your leggings and attempting to fly.

Plantraco is aiming to sate those airborne desires with its new RC plane, the Carbon Butterfly.  Yes, there are plenty of model aircraft available, but the Butterfly’s unique selling point is the fact that it weighs a very paltry 3.6 grams.  Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, the carbon fiber frame is capable of withstanding any number of crashes with no lasting damage.  It’s also easy to fly, giving owners the option of plugging the remote control handset into their PC and training on the included FMS Flight Simulator software.


Microsoft Announces 1080p for Xbox 360, HD-DVD Japan Price

Scratch one more PlayStation 3 advantage off the list. In an announcement that no one was planning on, Microsoft announced that their Xbox 360 console will soon receive a software update to allow it to play HD-DVD movies in 1080p resolution. Up until now, it had been assumed that Sony’s upcoming console would be the only one with a 1080p option for movies (games are currently unable to run smoothly at 1080p on any system).


Raon Digital Vega gets a thorough thumbing

So we’ve had the unboxing, now comes the nitty-gritty.  The good folks over at the Carrypad UMPC Portal have done a full-on review of the Raon Digital Vega UMPC, and found that – while the lack of built-in bluetooth or wifi is a chore – it’s a great addition to a mobile lifestyle.  Of particular note is their section on using the Vega as an in-car entertainment and navigation tool.

Raon Digital Vega review [Carrypad UMPC Portal]

NewsGator, IE7 and Vista integrate

In the olden days people had to hitch up a horse & cart and actually visit each website they wanted to read, which took at least three years every day to complete.  Obviously that didn’t leave much time to do other things, such as eating, juggling and shaving themselves, so some clever people developed RSS (Really Simple Syndication) as a method of bringing the website content to the users.  Obviously that only required about the locomotive power of a small to medium sized monkey, a great energy saving.


jkontherun Reviews Bluetooth Keyboard

The interest in the Seamless WiFi Inc. S-XGen with its flip-out keyboard makes this a very timely review from Kevin Tofel over at jkonthrun, where he compares the new ThinkOutside Sierra Bluetooth keyboard with its predecessor, the Shasta.



Bibis Monster Cases for Mac

Aren’t these cute? These little monsters called Bibis debuted at the Apple Expo in Paris. Handmade by twin sisters Lauren and Paulina, they will definitely guard your precious iPods from harm. Prices vary between $40 to $50. Not sure where you can get them yet though. However, you can attempt to make your own. There should be some kind of iPod case design competition or something. Is there one already that I dont know of?

Via: techie diva

iPod Nano in Hard Wood

Now you can store your precious iPod in a solid wood case with hinged lid that is both stylish and sophisticated. However, this style and sophistication comes at you around $95 from the Dutch company Miniot. You choose what wood you want and the logo or monogram carved in front. Comes in two styles, one standard with openings for the dock connector and headphone jacks when the lid is closed, and another that fits with the Apple lanyard headphones.

Via: New Launches

Zenum’s New Opus Opteris: Another Blackberry & Motorola Q killer?

Don’t hold your breath for Zenum’s supposedly new Opus Opteris Pocket PC Smartphone, because it might simply be vaporware.  Jaren Goh designed this new handset; the same dude that did the rendering for the Sony Ericsson Black Diamond phone that cost $300,000.  If all holds true, we should see a release date near November of this year.

The Zenum is sexy and it’s packing lots of features such as Windows Mobile 5 Pocket C edition, meaning it’s going to sport a 2.5-inch landscape-mounted QVGA touch screen.  Expect a 2-megapixel camera, WiFi (802.11g), Bluetooth, A2DP, miniSD expansion slot, 128MB of ROM, 64MB of RAM, and QWERTY keyboard.


The SIRIUS Stiletto is Back On

Words out that after being stopped about 2 weeks ago possibly due to intervention of the FCC, the SIRIUS Stiletto 100 is now back on for preorders. However, the ship date remains uncertain but most likely will be in late September or early October. Sites such as TSS-Radio have already placed the Stiletto back on its website along with its video. Hope its a smooth road from here on, we’ll keep you posted.