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Slimmest cell phone in the world

KTF Techonologies, from Korea, has released one of th smallest handsets in the world. Measuring at only 7.9mm thick, its even slimmer than the current Motorola SLVR of 11.5mm. It uses an extra thin antenna, so that the phone is tightly fit. This phone is currently available in Korea for about $400. It includes a 1.3 megapixel camera, 1.8 inch LDC display , MP3 player capabilities and 165MB of memory.

Crystal Ball – look into technology

GIOOO is computer concept, shaped like a crystal ball. It displays the weather, current headline news and you could even check your email with it. With support of a projected laser keyboard, users can communincate via IM or Skype.You can access the menus and navigation by touching the globe. It also has a video camera , so that you can communicate with your buddies via the video chat.

iPod Jacket for the sporty people

This jacket is great for work out. It’s small and light, work perfect for carrying and iPod, a cellphone, some credit cards or whatever tha may fits it. The jacket comes in five different colors, pink, black, calipso, steel and wine.

Capsule Clock

Here’s an awesome clock, all nicely fitted in a huge capsule. Gellule, designed by Pascal Bardel comes in different colors and acts as a radio/buzzer alarm clock. It has an LCD display, snooze button and radio. These clocks would certainly make your room look livelier. Just don’t swallow the capsules!

Phlash, you’re on camera

Some cameraphones lack the flash in built in it. Owning a Nokia 3230 before I had this Nokia N70, the lack of a flash really annoys you when you want to impress your friends with your nice new camera phone. The nightvision mode were useless. So Foxden made Phlash, a gadget that emits a beam of light that’s 12 times brighter than built-in phone flashes. It can be stucked behind the phone and you have to press the flash when you are taking your shot. Phlash retails for about $29.99

Butterwizard, spread butter smoother

This product in the UK, alternates heats or cools the butter in the tray for better spreading temperature in minutes. Insted expecting butters look like bricks and taking time to cut and spread them. This gadget may come to the US, thanks to the great people from Alfille Innovations of East Sussex of England.

Samsung YP-Z5 hits the market

Now you can preorder this awesome Samsung media player from Amazon. The 1GB, 2GB and 4Gb retals for $150, $199 and $250. Amazon offers the media players in white, silver and black. The black one’s pretty neat looking, but nothing as smooth as the black iPod nano. Each model comes with its own music and video playing capability, a spacious 1.8 inch display and weighs under 9 ounces.

Carbon nanotube TVs soon

Applied Nanotech’s carbon nanotube first generation TV produced really bad low-res videos, until recently Applied has signed an agreement with Taiwanese manufacturer Da Ling to help them with manufacturing trials. Carbon nanotubes sets use tiny flexible tubes to display images and Applied claims that their technology could produce HD-quality like sets and could sell much more lesser than comparable LCD or plasma models. It would be expected for a while before we can get a real cheap display, but lets’s just wait for now.

Dell D620

Dell is expected to launch its D620 laptop soon. Sources from mentioned that it would least run on Cure Duo and it will be slimmer than its predecessor and lighter too.

American Chopper PC

Out of the Box Computers, one of the PC case makers, have recently introduced the American Chopper line of computers. Pictured below is a MSI MEGA 865 system with a Pentium 4 processor. You can customise your PC specifications to your taste and the company will do the rest for you. These case mods don’t come cheap, the cheapest starts at about $1,400. So customise your heart out of it!

256MB Hello Kitty Thumb Drive from I-O Data

Fans of Hello Kitty now rejoice. Now you could store every memory and data on your tiny cute little Hello Kitty Thumb Drive. Theres a small keychain/neckstrap hole on the top of unit, so it would be handy for those who may tend to misplace it. No word on the unit, but expect it to run like a normal thumbdrive.

Creative MuVo S200

Creative has launched yet another boring MP3 player. The MuVo uses the same orange PLED 96×36 pixel display, runs on AAA batteries and the same old 5-way control stick. The only notable difference is that it has a built-in lyric readout on the display. Still better to consider alternative MP3 players.

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