Steven Ewing

Los Angeles, California
Automotive, Cooking, Naps
  • Steven Ewing is a freelance journalist with nearly two decades of experience covering the automotive industry.
  • Growing up in Detroit -- the Motor City -- Steven was ingrained in the auto industry from a young age and has always had a love for cars and the ever-evolving technology behind them.
  • Following stints as an editor at publications including Autoblog, Motor1 and CNET, Steven ventured into the freelance world in late 2022.


Steven Ewing has spent more than half his life covering the automotive industry, from breaking news to reviewing cars, all while keeping up with the latest and greatest in new car tech. From his humble roots as an intern at Automobile magazine in the early 2000s, Steven went on to hold editor roles at several publications, helping to shape the voices of new writers all while continuing to hone his own. In his spare time, Steven loves to travel, cook, binge bad TV shows and -- of course -- go for long drives in cool cars.


While Steven has yet to earn any sort of official degree, he believes experience is often just as good as education. As such, he's worked as everything from a production assistant to a copy editor to a managing editor, becoming an auto industry expert along the way.
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