Video of the Day

Video of the Day: Vincent and the iPod Touch

Here it is, quite possibly the first video of the iPod Touch in action. Enjoy it, its awesome.

Video of the Day – Girls with Tasers

Today’s Video of the Day comes to us from the girls over at Shiny Shiny. They’ve gotten themselves a pair of Shocking Taser Guns and decided to test them out on camera.


Video of the Day – Burning Jimi

Today’s Video of the Day doesn’t really have much to do with tech, but it’s still pretty cool. Someone decided to stack up over 7,000 matches to produce an image of one of the greatest guitarists of all time, Jimi Hendrix.


Video of the Day – Fighing Tetris blocks

Today’s Video of the day is just plain crazy. I think just about everyone has played Tetris at least once in thir lives. But how man people have actually dressed up as Tetris blocks?


Video of the Day – iPhone Accelerometer fun, yes it’s real!

Today’s Video of the Day is the cause of much debate. The video shows a guy doing some cool stuff using the iPhone’s accelerometer. The only problem is that until now, no one has been able to hack into the accelerometer and control it.


Video of the Day – Internet Crash 2007

Today’s Video of the Day comes from the Onion. I’m sure that many of you have already seen this, as you trust the Onion as your primary source of news.


Video of the Day – The ultimate LEGO rubberband gun

Today’s Video of the Day features one of my favorite childhood toys: LEGOs. Someone decided that they’d make a rubberband gun from these simple building blocks. However, this isn’t your ordinary rubberband gun.


Video of the Day – Acronyms

Today’s Video of the Day is a little more serious than usual. I know a lot of people that aren’t familiar with acronyms used in everyday instant messaging. Hopefully this video will sort things out for you.


Video of the Day – Hulk Hogan vs the Gremlins

Today’s Video of the Day takes us back to a time where you knew how to care for a gremlin, and Hulk Hogan was still cool.


Video of the Day – UPS driver caught chucking box on the porch

Today’s Video of the Day is just a bit disturbing. I get a lot of shipments in from different shipping companies including UPS. This video shows how one UPS driver drops off a package to a residence.


Video of the Day – Keanu Reeves takes on Teddy Bears

It’s Monday, so that means another video of the day. Today’s little gem comes to us from Neatorama and shows an early Keanu Reeves talking about Teddy Bears.


Video Of The Day: G4’s Distended Warranty’s First Music Video

Entitled “Red Ring Of Death” it’s fittingly a Death Metal Track.

They might be a little late as the Red Rings started quite a while ago, but their video is so good I’m going to go ahead and give them credit for it.


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