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No Steve Jobs at this year’s Macworld Keynote and no Apple at next year’s Macworld Expo

No Steve Jobs at this year’s Macworld Keynote and no Apple at next year’s Macworld Expo

There's bad news and then there's really bad news for Macworld Expo.  Apple announced today that this is the last year the company will exhibit at Macworld Expo.  And the really bad news is that Steve Jobs will not deliver the upcoming keynotes!  How's that's that for a double whammy of bad news?  Taking Jobs place is Philip Schiller, Apple senior vice president of worldwide product marketing.

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Apple ‘Let’s Rock’ event Live Blog reminder: 10am PST, September 9th

The rumors are almost at an end and the speculation reaching fever pitch – it can only mean one thing, Apple’s Fall event in San Francisco.  The SlashGear team is getting ready to Live Blog the whole presentation, and we’ll be bringing you updated coverage throughout the morning if you can’t join use for the live report.

“Let’s Rock” kicks off at 10am Pacific time – that’s 12pm Central, 1pm Eastern and 6pm London – and you’ll be able to find the Live Blog at the usual place:


Apple Time Capsule NAS storage

This think got its name partly from its intended use, you see currently you have to have a wired, direct-connected hard drive in order to use Time Machine, but with this thing, you can backup wirelessly, or over a network, if you wanted to, and you can backup directly to this drive instead of some other external drive. If this thing works with PC’s as well as Macs, and if it works as just plain old NAS as well as backup storage, than this will by far be my favorite release that was announced today. It’s also the only announcement where the product isn’t available now, in fact, it won’t be available until February.


Pricing and the Future of the iPhone

As you guessed there was of course some smart ass who asked the question about whether they were going to cut the price of the UK iPhone by a third too. Sadly it wasn’t me, I couldn’t be there, they must have read my mind though.

The question was met with some laughs, but it got answered. Steve more or less said that there aren’t any plans right now to do that, but its technology and it could happen.


Steve Jobs Q&A – What about the other carriers in UK/Europe? What about Unlocking/Hacking?

Both of those questions get answered in the following two videos. First is the one about the other carriers, then the one about hacking/unlocking.


New iPhone UK ads

That’s right, we have video. The ads are pretty much the same as in the US, only with UK cultural things in place of the US.

For example instead of the video of the iPhone surfing the NY Times, its surfing The Guardian. There is also a gentleman with a UK accent doing all the spoken parts.


R.I.P. 4GB Apple iPhone, you won’t be missed

So with the 8GB iPhone’s price drop, came the axe for the 4GB version. Now I know a lot of you are angered with the fact that this short time after the iPhone’s release they drop the price by $200, and I have no answer nor explanation for that, I have some ideas of the few upsides it might have, but that is all.

So, why is the 4GB iPhone gone? Probably because when you are already paying $500 for a 4GB iPhone, the extra Benjamin for double the capacity doesn’t really seem like much. So basically, I have my doubts as to how many of them actually sold.


Photo Gallery for Today’s Apple Event

Just a heads up, our coverage is more or less done, but our man Vincent is going to keep bringing you more photos throughout the day. So here is a link to the photo gallery for today’s event.

He already has a bunch of new photos up since the end of the event. So enjoy!

Apple Keynote from NAB 2007

Apple Keynote from NAB 2007

The Apple event is underway. The Apple store just went down, something new is being added!

Looks like Apple is releasing Final Cut Server...It's $999 for 10 concurrent users; $99 a seat. Pay $1999 for unlimited concurrent users. Editors now have the ability to share video with each other. Features include media asset management, templates, workflows, keyword search for videos, and access control.

Apple is introducing Final Cut Studio 2. Final Cut Pro is version 6, and introducing ProRes 422. Has uncompressed 10-bit compression at standard definitin file sizes. Capable of compressing full raster HD quality video from 1TB to 170GB.

AJA I/O HD works with Apple’s ProRes, featuring codec embedded right inside the hardware. The 10-bit 4:2:2 video lets you edit HD and up/down convert HD right on your Macbook Pro. Price tag is $3495!

New compression format, ProRes422 enable 4K video with the RED camcorder, shooting in 4K.

Final Cut Pro now features Open Format, basically allow you to mix different formats, resolutions and even mix frame-rates on the timeline.

Soundtrack 2 allows surround mixing in a single project, intuitive panner with automation, surround sound plug-ins with library of over 1000 music tracks and sound effects in 5.1.

Final Cut Studio 2 price is still only $1299. Upgrading to FCS2 cost $499 or $699 upgrade for any version of FCP from the beginning. Final Cut Studio is available next month.

Good-bye CES, hello Macworld – Live blogging the keynote

My original plan was to leave Las Vegas on the 11:59 PM and arrive in San Francisco at 2 AM. That didn’t happen because I couldn’t wait to leave so late, so my flight was changed to 9PM instead. Well, I’ve arrived into San Francisco safely. It’s nearly 2AM and I can’t sleep (not that expect to get any sleep anyways).

So what’s up tomorrow morning? I’ll live blog the pre-event…then live blog Steve Jobs keynote, giving you BLOW-by-BLOW coverage. The party starts at 09:00 AM and ends at 11:00 AM. Don’t miss it!

Link to Macworld Expo 2007 live blogging of Steve Jobs Keynote:

Apple Showtime! September 12th Apple Media Event roundup

Apple Showtime! September 12th Apple Media Event roundup

“Showtime” is showtime indeed! Here is the round up of what’s happening on Apple’s media event.

- 450,000 sales in 90 days on iPod sports kit.

- iPod is getting some enhancement. 60% brighter screen with brightness control, 3.5 hours video playback (larger iPod goes up to 6.5 hours), new headphones, gapless playback.

- iPod new software features: instant searching, new games (Bejeweled, Cubis 2, Mahjong, Mini golf, pac man, tetris, texas holdem, vortex, and zuma)

- Games on iTunes for $4.99 (works with 5th generation)

- iPod Nano is in Aluminium and available in more colors (Green, Silver, Black, Blue and Pink) with 24 hours battery life. 2GB is $149 in silver only, 4GB is $199 in all colors but black, 8GB is $249 in all colors.

- 2nd Gen of iPod Shuffle is the size of iPod Radio Remote with metal chasis. 1 model (1GB), $79, ships in October.

- iTunes 7 announced today. Source list now includes library with sep libraries for all forms of media. Store now has own section; devices have their own sections, playlists. Cover art are free if you are missing cover art. 3 different views of iTunes, list view, album view (with art and tracks), then "cover flow view" lets you rapidly find what you want by album cover. iPod updater appears to be now integrated into iTunes.

- TV shows are now encoded at 640x480 (h264), up from 320x240.

- Movies; from Walt Disney, Pixar, Touchstone, Miramax. 75 films online today, more added every week and monthy. New releases 12.99 preorders and first week, after that up to $14.99. Most titles will be $9.99. Near DVD quality. Same encoding as TV shows at 640x480. If you have a 5mb/s broadband connection, it will take approximately 30 minutes to download a movie. Dolby surround audio in videos.

- On Q1 2007 Apple is releasing its long-rumored wireless set-top box called iTV (Not a final name). 1/2 size of Mac Mini, built-in power supply, USB, Ethernet, 802.11 "wireless component video", optical audio and HDMI ports, plus old RCA stereo audio ports. Works with Apple Remote. iTV lets you get access to trailers and itunes store selected content from internet. iTV will works with iTunes on PC or Mac. price will be $299. Photos of iTV on the right side (credit to gizmodo).

That's all folks!

[photos by gizmodo, live coverage by ilounge & engadget]

23-inch Core 2 Duo iMac Rumors

23-inch Core 2 Duo iMac Rumors

Let the rumors begin.  Obviously, it’s not like Apple to fall behind the rest of the crowd in this “me, me too” society.  September 12th is the magical date (coincides with the first day of Apple Expo Paris), and if rumors hold true, we’ll see the entry of a 23-inch iMac, sporting the new Core 2 Duo processor.  So there’s a high probability the Macbook Pro will get an upgrade as well.  The last piece of info we got is that the Mac mini is getting upgraded from the Core Solo to Core Duo processors.  Sweet.

[via AppleInsider]