Japanese fast-food junkies get simple cellphone payment

Chris Davies - Feb 26, 2007

Sometimes you read a story and it rings all too true for you.  This evening I managed to ruin some chicken (stupid crappy broiler) so decided to grab some McDonalds drive-thru, only I got there and didn’t have cash on me and so had to find a cashpoint.  Nearest one charged me an almost 20% processing fee for the pleasure of withdrawing my own money, then if you’ve ever experienced the UK version of “fast food” you’ll know they manage to excise the “fast” part and just leave you with “tepid crap”.

Oh to be in Japan!  NTT DoCoMo and McDonalds have announced a partnership where cellphone subscribers will be able to swipe their handsets as e-payment for food. 

The service will start in October 2007.

McDonalds and DoCoMo launches mobile payment in Japan [SlashPhone]

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