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Intel Xeon 3000 – The Low End Xeons

Intel Xeon 3000 – The Low End Xeons

Intel will be holding Intel Developer Forum this week and believed to announce its low end Xeons processor family on the event. The Xeon 3000 family will start shipping this month as Xeon 3040 (1.8Ghz), 3050 (2.13Ghz), 3060 (2.4Ghz 4MB Cache), and 3070 (2.66Ghz 4MB Cache). According to CNET, the lower end speed, FSB and amount of cache matched Core 2 Duo lineup, so it could be a relabeled Core 2 Duo. Pricing is almost similar to Core 2 Duo processors.

"There are four Intel Xeon 3000 model planned as following: Xeon 3040 (1.86GHz/2MB L2/1066MHz FSB), 3050 (2.13GHz/2MB L2/1066MHz FSB), 3060 (2.4GHz/4MB L2/1066MHz FSB) and 3070 (2.67GHz/4MB L2/1066MHz FSB), priced at US$188, US$224, US $316, and US $530 respectively, share the similar price with Core 2 Duo."

Intel to announce low-end Xeons [via cnet]

New Nokia N75 to be Announced Today

New Nokia N75 to be Announced Today

While the rumor was so juicy, the real thing taste even better; Nokia will unveil N75 today after being in rumor pond for sometimes. Nokia will also refreshing N-Series with new music edition on N70, N73, and N91 (Music Edition). Both N70 and N73 will be “Phone in Black” and on the other hand the N91 will get a big storage boast (8GB).

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B&O Beocenter 4600 iTunes mod

I still feel guilty about letting my grandmother give away a huge wood & aluminium Bang & Olufsen radio a few years back.  It had happily sat in her kitchen until she decided she’d rather have the space, so of to the charity shop it went; we actually saw someone buy it as we walked back to the carpark.  A few years on, and courtesy of MAKE: I saw a great hack that turned that exact model into a gorgeous iPod speaker dock.  One of life’s little ironies, I suppose.


1 Million Wiis for N. American Launch

Hoping to capitalize on Sony’s massive PlayStation 3 shortages, Nintendo has announced that its upcoming Nintendo Wii console, debuting two days after Sony’s leviathan, will have 1 million units available for its North American arrival. By comparison, the PS3 will only see 400,000 units available come November 17th, which Nintendo is hoping will give them a huge head-start over Sony.


Outer Space Zero-G Surgery

The world’s first surgery in zero-gravity on a human patient will be performed this Wednesday by a team of French doctors. The surgery will be performed on the European aircraft, Zero-G, which has been designed to simulate gravity-free conditions by flying up and down in a parabolic pattern. This creates between 20 to 22 seconds of weightlessness at the top of each curve, a process they will repeat around 30 times for the three-hour inflight surgery. The doctors are only allowed to work during these zero-g intervals. From looking at the diagram below, I would think anti-motion-sickness pills and barf bags are a must.

Zero-G Surgery [Via: MedGadget]

USB Memory Twigs

“Hey, why is that twig plugged into your computer?” Wouldn’t you like someone to approach you with that as a conversation starter? Well, get one of these unique wooden USB memory sticks for about 70 Euros (about $89 US for the 1GB) and plug it in.

Wooden Memory Sticks [Via: OOOMS]

StormBlue A9+ Bluetooth Music Player

Essentially a portable digital media player with Bluetooth. Now you can interact with your mobile phone, get Bluetooth headphones, and perhaps share music? Not sure on the sharing part, but this StormBlue A9+ is good for both audio and video and is compatible with most music files including MP3s, Ogg, WMA, and WMA DRM. Produced by Advanced MP3 Players (AMP3) of the UK, this player is available with either 2GB or 4GB on-board Flash memory. Costs 149 euros (approx $190 US) for the 4GB.

UK firm touts phone-friendly Bluetooth media player [Via: Reg Hardware]

Stackable Keyboard Button Stools

Be a geek with style. Why have any old stool, when you can have one that looks like a keyboard button. Command+sit your guests when they visit your pad. It seems to be available online, but I haven’t found an exact price yet.

Stackable Stool [Via: Duende]

Sony: No PS3 Price Cut in the USA

Sorry everyone here in the US looking at the Japanese PlayStation 3 price cut to come our way; it isn’t happening, at least for now. Sony has stated that the recently-announced 20 GB PS3 price cut over in Japan is region-specific and won’t find its way Stateside in time for the PS3’s launch, which means that enjoying Sony’s new console will cost US buyers at least $499, though it’s more likely that early adopters will need to opt for the larger (and more expensive) 60 GB PS3 due to Sony planning to focus 80% of its launch quantity on the premium model.


Gloves Heated Via USB

For those who type all day long on their keyboards and don’t pay their gas bills in the winter, here’s a solution. Don’t let the cold slow down your typing, heat it up with these USB heated gloves and then blog away like summer. USB heated hat and blanket not included. You can get a pair of these gloves for around $23.

USB Heated Gloves [Via: Perpetual Kid]

Honda Next-Generation Fuel Cell Vehicle for 2008

Honda test-drove its FCX Concept next generation fuel cell vehicle in Tokyo this past weekend. The V Flow1 fuel cell system proves high efficiency in a compact, high-draining vertical-flow design. Honda says it will be in general release in 2008. See the nice video here.

Honda shows off next-gen fuel cell vehicle [Via: Mobile Mag]

Power Strip Container Ship

A really great way to make those big clusters of adaptor blocks less of an eyesore. Plug them on this groovy containership power strip. No need to hide that darn thing anymore, now show it off to all your friends. Brought to you by the same clever duo, Griffin Termeer, who brought you the Chop and Weigh cutting scale, this nifty powerstrip is still a prototype and will not be found at your local Walmarts anytime soon.

Containership Power Supply [Via: Yanko Design]

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