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Nintendo Offers Free Fix for Damaged DS Lite Hinges

Well that didn’t take long. One day after Kotaku posted their findings that 14% of their readers were the victim of DS Lite Hingeitis, Nintendo has agreed to fix units which are affected, although they still maintain that this is a minor issue and that only a very small fraction of users are actually affected. While my Lite has thus far managed to escape injury (and I haven’t met anyone with a broken DS Lite yet), it’s comforting to know that Nintendo is willing to clean up after their errors.


Samsung BD-P1000 Player Wracked With Issues

If you’ve read any reviews of Samsung’s new BD-P1000 Blu-ray disc player, you’ve heard that it has a number of issues, including video playback softness, DTS decoding issues, and more. Well, apparently Samsung is well-aware of these issues and has traced the video playback issue to a faulty setting on the player’s noise reduction chip. The really fun news is that, if you bought one of these defective boxes, Samsung might take as long as September before they release a firmware update that will fix your issues. No word on whether the sound issues have been fixed or not, but Blu-ray’s launch will go down in history as one of the biggest rushed foul-ups ever; NO Blu-ray player was released without some sort of show-stopping issue. With Sony’s track record of proprietary media formats already horrible, they really can’t afford to have their collaborators screw up this badly this soon.

[via Ultimate AV Mag]

Developers Avoiding the PS3?

When it comes to the next-generation gaming consoles, if there was one console that developers were going to ignore, you’d figure it was the Wii, right? Wrong. Developers are actually beginning to avoid Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 3 console, as the price tag for the system has a lot of developers wondering if there will be a large enough consumer base to warrant making games that possibly may never sell. Even in Japan, where the PSOne and PS2 are both huge, 90% of developers felt that the console’s price was too high and, as a result, are shifting gears away from Sony towards Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox 360.


PS3 Delays at an End?

In what has to be the biggest wave of relief to hit Sony in a good, long while, Asustek Computer Inc. has finally begun shipping PlayStation 3 consoles to Sony Corp., meaning that the delay we’ve heard about may not happen after all. This coinsides with Asustek’s goal of shipping 200,000 of the next-generation consoles by the end of this month, and gradually increasing their output to 2,000,000 consoles per month by October.


GoldVish $1.3M Cell Phones

GoldVish, an uber-luxury communication company out of Geneva Switzerland manufactured what may be the most expensive cell phone in the world; costing $1M. That’s enough o feed a relatively small country for a few weeks. The one of kind GoldVish phone is plastered with 120 carats of VVS-1 grade diamonds, while the casing is made of white gold. The “Piece Unique”, as it’s called is the brainchild of Swiss watch designer Emmanuel Gueit.


Two Faucets In One

The Intellect Faucet is unique in two ways: it can be split into two separate faucets with each delivering filtered and non-filtered water simultaneously.  Now why anyone would need to go through such measures for this feature is beyond me.  It also measures the exact amount of water used from the time it’s turned on to when it’s flipped off.  Nifty, again do we really care how much water we use?

Yanko Design

Artec T14A USB TV Tuner: For HDTV on the Go

If you love your HDTV, but hate not having the ability to utilize it everytime your on the go (or simply on your laptop), then Artec’s T14A USB TV Tuner might be just what you need. While it requires you to have a normal analog TV Tuner card already installed, this little device llows you to pull HDTV streams right over the air and retails for $89 at the lowest, which is still one helluva lot cheaper than buying an HDTV, an HDTV-ready set top box, and any of the hundred accessories or addons that you may or may not decide to need.


DS Opera Browser Demoed

Just in case you’ve had the urge to do some web browsing on your Nintendo DS/DS Lite’s tiny, tiny screens, then you might be in luck (at least, if you have access to Japan). Dubbed the Nintendo DS Browser (how original), the browser will come on a DS or DS Lite memory expansion cartridge (which fits into Slot 2, the GBA port) and makes full use of the DS’s touch screen, as you can see in the above video.


Samsung Unveils Digital Camera with Helmet Attachment

Samsung, known for their wide variety of extremely cool (and sometimes downright weird) gadgetry, has unveiled their latest sports camcorder, complete with a wireless helmet camera. While it only has a rage of 15 feet or so, you’ll still need to keep the camera handy at all times in order to utilize the nifty helmet attachment; what you won’t need to do is worry about getting tangled in the helmet cam’s wires.


Dell Joins the Flaming Notebook Discussion

Is it that big of a deal that one out of countless Dell laptops in existence catch on fire?  The obvious answer is yes.  It’s been the topic of discussion through out the blogosphere, since the initial report back on June 22.  It’s official; Dell has joined in on the discussion a week ago.  They believe it’s the fault of the lithium ion battery cell.  It takes two to tango, and a battery alone doesn’t catch on fire without the help of the laptop that it’s attached to.  And by the way, we care to be reminded that there are billions of lithium ion batteries used in electronic products – what we do care about is not being torched by a flaming laptop.

Thanks Jason!

14% of DS Lites Broken?

In what is surely more news that Nintendo really doesn’t want to hear, Kotaku has done an unofficial poll in which they found that 14% of the participants had DS Lites with cracked hinges. The hinge issue, which we reported on Tuesday, occurs when the screen places enough pressure on the left hinge so that it cracks, starting as a hairline separation and gradually enlarging as time goes on. Nintendo has reportedly started offering fixes, but rather than recalling affected DS Lites, Nintendo is charging $50 a shot to fix this issue. With such a large percentage of units showing a problem, it’s possible that Nintendo will eventually wake up to the fact that there are issues in the DS Lite’s production, and offer a fix for free. Until that day, just hope that your unit doesn’t show this problem. Or keep the Super Glue handy.

[via Kotaku]

Samsung Begins Mass-Production of 8GB NAND Memory

If current NAND Flash Memory sizes simply aren’t big enough for you, then you’re in luck. Samsung has announced that it has begun mass-production on 60nm NAND Flash memory chips, meaning that it won’t be long before we start seeing these high-capacity memory in cell phones, portable media devices, and and 2G iPod nanos. According to Samsung, 8GB is now possibly by basically taking two 4GB NAND packages and putting them on top of each other.


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