Belkin Mini Surge Protector with USB charger – Jackpot!

Ladies and gentleman, we have finally arrived. A manufacturer finally took notice of the increasing number of devices that charge via USB and has been kind enough to finally start integrating that technology into surge protectors/power strips.


Belkin Conserve saves power and prevents surges from damaging your electronics

There are a total of 8 outlets on this surge protector. The two that aren’t included in the outlined box are the only two “always-on” outlets on the strip.


Tributaries T12 features Rotating Outlets

I’m sure some of you have few gadgets that use a rather inconvenient plug transformer, No? Take a look at you midget-side desktop speakers, a/v switcher or wireless router. Some of them are big, enough to occupy two outlets. Tributaries has a power strip that you may find it useful to void the bulky wall-warts bumping into each other.


Belkin Clamp-On Surge Protector

There are a few main things that people are likely to focus on when buying anything: does it take up a lot space, how versatile is it and how accessible is it. If your product falls within a decent range on any of these fronts people are more likely to pick it up without even worrying about the cost. In my opinion the clamp-on surge protector from Belkin fills all these shoes nicely.


Save More Energy Bills with Belkin Energy Saver Surge Protector?

Common Surge protector allows only one main power switch for all the outlets. Belkin’s engineers tweaked the drawing board and came out with an energy saver surge protector. The new Conserve Surge Protector offers 8 outlets in which 6 of them can be turned off via a remote so you are able to shut off miscellaneous items on the ‘remoted’ outlets and keep the main 2 outlets on. The Popular Mechanics likes it so much, they picked the Belkins as Popular Mechanics’ Editor’s Choice Award at the CES 2008. The device is neither an automated nor a programmable outlets; it’s still rely on user to trigger the switcher, except with a remote this time. If you are a lazy person, it is not going to save your electronic bill.

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The Power Block – good idea, bad execution

If first impressions were the most important thing this product would be screwed. This device is created to hide your cords, it looks pretty much like it’s made out of cardboard or poster board. At least it isn’t just a screen, it is also a power strip as well.


Belkin’s low-cost UPS reviewed

Over at Gear Diary Kerry Woo is unwittingly making me feel guilty about my computer setup – yes, I’m surge protected (well, not me personally) but seeing them review Belkin’s Battery Backup with Flashlight reminds me that should the power go out it’ll instantly take the PC with it.  UPS (uninterrupted power supplies) used to be huge, ugly grey blocks that lurked in the corner, but Belkin are making overtures for more visible areas of the house with a design that’s both vaguely attractive and also includes a handy battery-powered torch.



PlugKing Mix And Match Power Strip

In this digital age, its surprising that there aren’t more innovations in the way we supply and power all our gadgets. With all the plugs, cords, chargers, and charging stations that have taken over our lives, we need an advanced outlet system to match. So, any powerstrip concepts are a welcome sight, including this one by PlugKing. The device enables you to snap together your own custom powerstrip with only the types of plugs you need. I’m not sure how practical this is, since there’s usually just the common two-prong or the three-prong grounded plugs here in the States. And I don’t imagine plugging my mega four-prong washer and dryer onto the same strip as my cellphone charger. But nonetheless, the concept is interesting, and remains only a concept for now.

PlugKing Innovates Powerstrip [Via: CrunchGear]

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