LG 3D Max

LG’s entire MWC 2012 catalog seen in wild

LG’s entire MWC 2012 catalog seen in wild

This week it appears that one lucky fellow has found his way into the LG repository of unrevealed products with a touchy-feely look at each and every one of the Mobile World Congress 2012 devices. You're about to get a glimpse of no less than the LG Optimus LTE, the LG Optimus L7, LG Optimus 4X HD, LG Optimus 3D Max, LG Optimus L3, and of course the LG Optimus Vu, each of them captured by Telefonino. Each of these devices have been announced previous to this event, but this is basically the first time we've seen each of them "in the wild" as it were.

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LG’s Optimus 3D successor reported to be called the 3D Max

The Optimus 3D phone didn’t gain a huge amount of traction but it did set an important milestone as a flagship glasses-free 3D handset. And LG is poised to push that legacy forward with a phone we knew now only by its code-name, the CX2. Now, according to a new report, it looks like the shelf name might be the 3D Max.