It's Wednesday. And interestingly enough, we're probably not the only ones considering today "the day before." The day before what? Well, it's the day before we get to fire up our legendary, homegrown liveblogging system again. We'll be at the iPhone OS 4.0 event, and hopefully you'll join us as we detail what's going down with the latest software update from Cupertino. Until then, we've got tonight's Daily Slash. As we go forth, we'll look into the best of the best in the R3 Media's network. And in the dredge net, we've got the most notorious eReader rumored to make a retail appearance soon, and we have Nintendo telling the world that the iPad isn't for gaming. Then we've got lightsabers that will save your from the dark. And finally, a cellphone that goes way out of its way to be ridiculous.

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