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ASUS re-announce Eee Box PC

Bizarrely, despite “officially launching” the Eee Box PC at Computex 2008 back at the beginning of the month, ASUS have now officially launched it again via a press release on their site.  Thing is, the latest B202 release actually contains less detail than the first time around; for some reason they’ve not repeated their original pricing, $269 for the Linux model and $299 for the Windows model.


Dell Studio Hybrid mini PC breaks cover

It might look like a blurry humidor, but in actual fact this is Dell’s upcoming Studio Hybrid mini PC.  Clad in what’s believed to be orange plexiglass, the machine – an update of the bamboo eco computer seen in April – may be small but the spec list certainly isn’t shy: an unspecified Intel chipset, 4GB of RAM and 320GB hard-drive makes for a very reasonable compact computer.


John McCain uses Medal of Honor music for campaign

Here in the US it is difficult to go anywhere public and not somehow get sucked into a conversation about the the candidates running for President. Well John McCain released this commercial as a part of his campaign. Soon after it was released composer Christopher Lennertz started receiving calls and emails, regarding the use of his music that he wrote for Medal of Honor: European Assault. You see, he didn’t authorize the use of his music, nor was he notified. Nothing illegal happened, because the composer had no rights to his music. However, he is not happy about the use of it, especially since he is for Obama, not McCain. You can read his statement below that he sent to GamePolitics.


Guitar Hero Aerosmith sponsors NASCAR

You may be wondering what NASCAR has to do with Guitar Hero, well to be honest, I have no idea.  However, for some bizarre reason, Activision’s Guitar Hero Aerosmith is sponsoring a NASCAR.  My very best guess is that creepy hillbillies have a thing for Aerosmith.


Dior iPhone case more expensive than the phone

With the iPhone launch date coming up quick (here in about four weeks) you’ll need to start looking for a case.  Since the iPhone is going for a bit cheaper than the first gen version you’re likely to have a bit more cash flow to get a nicer case.

The Dior case is simple, but with the calf leather it is definitely a luxury item.  However, I have a small problem with paying more for the case than I paid for the gadget.

If you are itching for the absolute perfect case to compliment your iPhone though, then this is definitely the way to go.  The case is being sold for $450.

[via crave]

Onda VX777+ PMP video review & comparison

Onda’s VX777+ PMP is, quite obviously, designed to resemble the iPod Touch.  That’s clear, but then plenty of manufacturers give a nod to Apple when it comes to the drawing board; more important, then, is what functionality it brings to the table.  Pride of place at the top of the spec list is a 3-inch 400 x 240 touchscreen, notable for being capacitive (i.e. like that of the iPod Touch) rather then resistive (like most cheap copies); there’s also TV Out, a choice of capacity ranging from 2GB to 8GB, and an SD slot happy with cards up to 32GB in size.

Check out the video review & comparison of the VX777+ after the cut


The Princess Bride game for the PC and Mac

Alright, so I am a major fan of The Princess Bride, especially the movie. For once I enjoyed the movie more than the book, which is a bit different from the way it normally works. Well now there is a game to go along with it.


Brando’s eco friendly Firefly Lamp

Alright so Brando has a slight reputation for creating very odd and not always all that appealing gadgets. Many of them aren’t even all that practical, however, this cute little jar would be great for summertime on the deck.


Harvard explains why women don’t stick with tech careers

Women progressing in the technology field is often a hot topic. Mainly because study after study says that women are not interested in technology, much less want to work in a field involving it. For those of us that do enjoy technology, that are female, those studies tend to annoy the piss out of us.


ATI Radeon HD 4850 escapes early, gets benchmarked & impresses

One of AMD’s upcoming ATI Radeon video cards using the RV770 GPU, first tipped in May, has slipped out early and delivered some details into the hands of HotHardware.  The ATI Radeon HD 4850 features 800 stream processors packed onto a 55nm GPU with a 625MHz clock speed.  As expected, there’s 512MB of 993MHz GDDR3 RAM linked with a 256-bit memory bus.  Of course, when you’re holding a pre-release card you don’t just sit & grin at it; you slap it into a test system and benchmark it against some of NVIDIA’s latest rivals.


SE2 Labs ITC One integrated media system: not worth $25k

Let’s get the first hurdle out of the way: SE2 Labs‘ ITC One home entertainment system costs $25,000.  Assuming you’ve got that to spend, though, what do you get for your money?  How about an XBox 360, Wii, Apple TV, iPod dock and DVR, together with “audiophile grade” mods and power conditioning, all in a single standalone case.  Gizmodo spent a little hands-on time with the ITC One, and just as you might imagine came away wondering exactly who it’s aimed at.


SlashGear hands-on at Microsoft Surface Blogger Day 2: More Video!

If you read the first part of our Microsoft Surface Blogger Day report, you’ll know that SlashGear has been hanging out with the Seattle company’s nifty MultiTouch table.  You’ve hopefully had a chance to watch the videos of Surface in action – exploring cellphone details, playing multi-user games, exploring media and more – and, if you’re anything like the rest of us, are getting more and more curious about how Microsoft plan on integrating what they’ve learnt from the project into Windows 7.

Multiple videos from the event after the cut!