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Archos PMP firmware update: Flash support, WebTV & radio

Archos have released new firmware for their 605 (both HDD and Flash versions), 705, 405 2Go and 405 30 Go PMPs, as well as the Archos TV+ set-top box.  Version 2.0.10 supports Flash 9 video, WMV9 (possibly including DRM-encrypted web streams), WebTV and radio (with an optional plugin), GPS (with the recently-announced navigation accessory) and an alarm clock. 

Videos of the new firmware functionality after the cut


Naim HDX multi-room jukebox for picky audiophiles

Hi-fi specialists Naim have released their latest assault on the wallets of audiophiles, with the HDX music jukebox attempting to persuade them that ripping CDs isn’t the work of the devil.  Of course, since this is Naim we’re talking about, what they’re actually suggesting is about as far away from MP3 as you can get while still residing on a hard-drive platter.  The HDX creates uncompressed WAV files from a double-reading of each CD, ensuring an identical, bit-for-bit copy.  The primary 400GB hard-drive can store around 500 CDs in this manner, cataloguing them automatically.


Micro Orb spy camera: clip-capturing eyeball alternative

For some reason, this Micro Orb spy camera makes me think of Columbo-star Peter Falk.  Perhaps if the TV detective had been fitted with a 1.5-inch sphere capturing 30fps MPEG-4 video (with sound), gathering evidence might’ve been even easier.  On sale in mid-May, the video camera has a three hour rechargeable battery and can record up to six hours of footage onto a 2GB microSD card.

Check out the videos of the Micro Orb spy camera after the cut


Mysterious Fujitsu LifeBook Tablet PC on show in Germany

Fujitsu sneakily put out an as-yet unannounced Tablet PC during a customer presentation in Germany last week, and an eagle-eyed spotter grabbed what scant details were on offer.  Using Fujitsu’s LifeBook brand, the convertible notebook has a passive touchscreen display (e.g. you can use your finger rather than a specific stylus) measuring 13.3-inches.  It also uses Intel’s latest Core 2 Duo P8400, a chipset both super-compact and energy efficient.


Arcstream ‘Living Image’ interactive floor at The Science Museum

Projection specialists Arcstream AV have installed an Interactive Floor at The Science Museum as part of their “Science for Survival” exhibition.  The system, which uses an overhead projector and a variety of sensors that let the image change in real-time depending on visitor interaction, is used to project a pool of water, complete with fish, that ripples and moves as people walk across it.  Infra-red sensors provided by Electrosonic can track multiple people at any one time.


Check out the demo video of  Arcstream’s ‘Living Image’ after the cut


Sony BRAVIA DAV-F200 home cinema system

Sony have unveiled their latest all-in-one home cinema system, the BRAVIA DAV-F200, and whether or not you like Japanese company’s products you have to admit they have a knack for design.  Consisting of a glass-fronted, wall-mountable control center with slot-load DVD, 1080p upscaling, a USB port for plugging in memory sticks or PMPs containing MP3s and Sony’s own DMPORT expansion slot.  The latter can be outfitted with Bluetooth or WiFi adaptors, among other things, allowing the DAV-F200 to stream music from a wireless device.


The TeaCube takes the guess work out of steeping

I have in recent years become a major tea addict, or actually become addicted to lots of sugar with a hint of tea. My problem is that I tend to forget about it and let the tea steep too long, then I have to add even more sugar than I already would have.


Sharp X-Series LCDs get wireless option for easy wall-mounting

Wall-mounting LCD and plasma TVs might look good if done properly, but all too often the cable management leaves HDMI and other cords dangling down the wall. Sharp are offering a solution, in the shape of the WHDI “wireless HDTV” accessory for their new X-Series LCDs. Developed in partnership with AMIMON, the system allows uncompressed HD footage to be sent wirelessly up to 100-feet.


SlashGear Review – CoolIT PURE

When you want to get the most performance out of your gaming rig, you’ll naturally want to try and overclock it. However, you have to deal with the excess heat put off by your CPU (or whatever component you’re overclocking). One option is to get a bigger heatsink and throw in some extra fans, which while it may do the trick, it can make your computer sound like a small hurricane. That’s when you should start thinking about a liquid cooling system. They’ll keep your computer running ice cold without creating all of that noise.

Of course if you’ve never actually set up a liquid cooling system, it probably looks a bit overwhelming. There are several different components you’ll need to carefully assemble, not to mention the cost of actually acquiring said parts. To the novice, it can seem like much more work than it’s worth. That’s why this PURE from CoolIT can be quite appealing. It’s a self-contained liquid cooling system that is supposed to be simple install. I’ve had a chance to test one out, and I’ve shot a video of the installation process. Hit the jump to see the results.


Grand Theft Auto: IV is here, with some goodies

Apparently some game called Grand Theft Something-or-Other launched earlier this week. Since people are making such a big deal about it, I figure it’s my duty here at SlashGear to test it out and see what all of the fuss is. Luckily my copy showed up yesterday, so I don’t even need to leave my house, for days.


Aerosmith signs exclusive deal with Activision

I have some very sad news for Aerosmith fans. If you enjoy rocking out to some classic Aerosmith in Rock Band, you’d better get used to Train Kept a Rollin’, because that’s all you’re going to get.


Xbox 360 gets a price cut in Asian markets

It’s no small secret that the Xbox 360 isn’t doing nearly as well over in Asia as it is here in the US. It’s understandable since both Sony and Nintendo are from the region and already have a wide install-base. Microsoft won’t give up though, in a move that will hopefully drive more sales, they are cutting the price of the 360. Only in the Asia markets though.

Depending on where you go and which version of the console you purchase, you’ll see a price cut of between 5 and 20%. Surely a big fat 20% discount will stir up a bit of excitement. Hit the jump for a brief statement from Microsoft on the matter.


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