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The Zelda Corset offers a bit of geeky sex appeal

Not all geek girls like to show their geeky colors by wearing all sorts of gaming and tech inspired fashion, however, it is fun from time to time. This Zelda corset is definitely one way to show your pride in one of the classic games we all know and love.


The Altec Lansing MUZX earphones

I have from time to time gotten annoyed over technology geared towards women and girls turning out to be pretty, but excessively lacking in the specs department. These earbuds from Altec Lansing is a refreshing change from that issue.

For all those drawn to all that sparkles and shines these cute little earbuds feature enough Swarvoski Crystals to keep anyone satisfied. It also features a snug fit for those more petite girly ears as well as a bit of passive noise reduction.


The Big Buck Hunter Safari gaming arcade machine

If you have a bit of a thing for hunting games a full arcade machine might be a nice addition to add to your home. Personally I prefer shooting zombies to animals, but I always enjoy the arcade machine guns more than playing with the guns on my Wii.

Eventually I fully intend upon owning an arcade machine, yes its giant and bulky and typically plays only one game. However, there is just something about owning one that seems so much better than a typical game console. The Big Buck Hunter Safari gaming arcade from Raw Thrills offers 15 different courses all offering differing landscapes. If you’re slightly annoyed that certain real animals have become endangered and therefore you can’t hunt them you might be overjoyed to find even the endangered species on the pallet to be shot.


The tiny vacuum cleaner to save a bit of energy

If you’re living in a smaller apartment or even a carpeted dorm room it’s not really necessary to own a full size vacuum. They both use a ton of energy and take up way too much storage room, Morphy Richards has created a smaller alternative for those small spaces.


Five Aerosmith tracks announced for their upcoming Guitar Hero title

March is slowly drawing to a close, which means summer will be here before you know it. While I always enjoy spring, there are plenty of games coming out this summer that I can’t wait to get my hands on. Naturally, one of which is Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. We’ve finally gotten some info on what tracks will be included in the game.


HTC Shift CDMA EV-DO UMPC review

HTC have made a name for themselves with capable, business-friendly smartphones, and when back in March 2007 they first suggested they were turning their hand to the UMPC market there was no shortage of interest. Boasting full Windows Vista support, as well as a cut-down quick-start SnapVue interface for basic tasks, QWERTY keyboard, touchscreen and multiple wireless options, the HTC Shift was hailed by some as likely to be the first decent UMPC. The subsequent journey from announcement to actual launch – a point first estimated for Q3 2007 – has been punctuated by delays, wavering interest and more than a little criticism of how competitive its specs are in light of the latest competition; HTC sent over the new CDMA version of the Shift, complete with Sprint EV-DO support, for SlashGear to see whether time has been kind to the UMPC.


iPhone – PWNED by the iPhone Dev Team, PWNAGE 4 Life!

The iPhone Dev Team is unveiling today a new tool. They are calling it PWNAGE. Essentially it is to be the iPhone hack to end all iPhone hacks, or something totally opposite of that. This single hack is supposed to make the iPhone so easy to hack, and all subsequent firmware updates so easy to crack, that the iPhone Dev Team will finally be able to get back to doing what they enjoy instead of constantly having to hack the latest firmware.


Why Haven’t We Heard About Linux’s Growing Market Share?

Desktops starting with Dell have begun being sold with Linux pre-installed, almost all of the new UMPC Eee-like notebooks that are selling in extremely large numbers these days are coming with Linux pre-installed, Everex is pushing Linux desktops through Wal-Mart, and lots of new computers are getting SLED certified or some other form of Linux certification. Add to that the increased popularity of all things Linux, the increasing ease of use of Linux as a desktop operating system and it has me wondering why there hasn’t been a spike in Linux’s market share?

Linux couldn’t even beat out Windows 98 until sometime between August 20th and August 30th of last year according to W3Counter. According to that same site, since the 10th of May last year until the 29th of February this year Linux has only seen a .76% increase in its market share, which still only brings it up to a market share of 2.01%.


LG P300 Notebook – Thin, Light, and Powerful

This LG XNote P300 notebook is aimed to compete with the MacBook Air and X300 in size and weight, but knocks both of those out of the park when it comes to performance. It weighs in at 1.6 kilograms, that’s less than both the MacBook Air and the X300, and it has a 13.3-inch screen.


iPhone SDK Beta 2 – time to make things look good

The major addition that the second beta of the iPhone 2.0 SDK brings is the Interface Builder. This nifty little tool will allow you to drag and drop in order to build the user interface for your application.


SlingPlayer coming to iPhone? – Sling Media says probably

Dave Zatz over at Sling Media said they were definitely one of the first 100k people to download the recent iPhone SDK and that they have been looking at it in an effort to bring SlingPlayer to the iPhone. Sling Media has been looking for a way to get their coveted software on the iPhone for quite sometime, ever since last April in fact, and it looks like they might finally be able to pull it off.


Silicon chips go Gumby thanks to new stretchy circuits

The class of Professor John Rogers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has made some serious strides in the world of chip technology. One such advancement is that they now have IC’s that you can bend and stretch instead of the strictly rigid chips that Silicon offers up.

You might be wondering why this is such a big deal since your motherboards aren’t going to be coming in origami shapes any time soon, but it matters a lot in the medical markets. For years people have been striving to achieve some method to easily and conveniently get computers and chips inside the body if not to help keep things in order in the body, then to, at the very least, monitor bodily functions and especially such functions that occur in the brain.


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