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New Teaser on Sigma 14 Megapixel Foveon Sp1

The long waited Sigma SP1 is nearly there, at least that’s what Sigma is teasing us right now. Sigma threw in the supersized 14 Megapixel Foveon X3 direct image sensor on a compact digital camera back in Photokina 2006, it surfaced again in PMA 2007, but the camera remained in coming soon status since then. They have updated the site with the following new themes.


ASUS looking to expand their Eee line beyond the notebook form factor

So far there are talks of an E-DT or desktop and an E-TV monitor. The idea behind the new products will be the same as it was with the Eee, make a great product that you can profitably sell for dirt cheap compared to its competitors.


BRAVIA Full HD VPL-VW40 home theater projector

I want one. That’s a great way to start an article no? But I really do want one, it has full HD 1080p with a 15k:1 contrast ratio and Sony’s SXRD technology inside, its got to look simply amazing.


Turkey leg telephone

Does anyone here recognize the name Dick Wolfsie? Yeah, me neither, but I like his sense of humor as apparently he’s the one that requested this phone be made for his Thanksgiving show.

Someone literally built a telephone into a turkey leg. You’d think that with today’s technology they could have at least made it wireless, but I guess not.

I don’t know what these Telco turkeys are going to do when they switch all the phones over to digital, analog just isn’t going to cut it for much longer. No word on price or availability as it appears it was a one-off custom job.

[via gadgettastic]

Lite-On moldable mouse concept for the sculptor in you

This mouse design is literally a hunk of clay covered in flexible polyurethane and a nylon fabric. The buttons are detachable and really only work by RF signals, and the scroll wheel is less of a wheel and more a touch/motion sensitive trackpad.


HP iPaq 310 GPS looks cool, software apparently garbage though

No, really, it looks cool, as in the screen is nice and bright and is sporting an 800×480 resolution, but the software sucks. It also has a 600MHz dual-core processor, in a freakin GPS unit, who would have thunk it.


Tickets for PAX go on sale

If you didn’t notice last year, E3 is quickly becoming a thing of the past. They scaled down the show in the attempt to make it more intimate, which turned out to be a terrible idea (who’d have guessed?). Naturally, this left a void in the gaming world, one that was quickly filled by the guys over at Penny Arcade. If you’re thinking about going this year, tickets have just gone on sale.


Japan to see shortages of Super Smash Bros. Brawl

The Wii is one of those consoles that’s just fun to play. Sure, a lot of your hardcore gamers don’t appreciate the joys of the Wiimote, but it’s more a machine for the casual gamers. It’s also a great console for parties, and there’s no doubt that Super Smash Bros. Brawl will be a fine addition to that category. Unfortunately, the game has been delayed a couple of times and while they’re still set to hit the March 9th release date, they might be a bit sparse.


Hot Coffee lawsuit settled – Payouts coming for San Andreas owners

The video game industry sees its fair share of legal disputes, most of which seem to be spearheaded by the infamous Jack Thompson. I can think of few that blew up quite as big as the whole “Hot Coffee” fiasco from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I’ll spare you the details, because if you haven’t already heard about it, you’ve likely been living in a cave f or the last few years and have better things to do than read about having video game sex. Apparently the class-action lawsuit has finally come to a close, and you might just get some money out of it.


Snakebyte adds a little color to your Wii

It’s true that you can get the Nintendo DS in just about any thinkable color. Therefore it only seems right that you could get other Nintendo products in a few shades other than white. Since they haven’t gotten around to introducing new colors for the Wii and Wiimotes, a third-party has stepped in to add a little color to your living room.


Sony denies plans for a 120GB PS3 in the UK

I have to give it to Sony, it was only yesterday that we reported on the rumors of a 120GB PS3, and they’re already smashing rumors. According to Sony “We do not currently have any plans to release a 120GB PlayStation 3 in the UK.” Wait, what about the US?


SensDevice is a mouse therapist for you

A few years ago I was sharing a house with a friend and they became so enraged with their computer that they threw it across the room. I’ll admit I’ve been really upset and wanted to do that but never enough that I actually did it. My friend could have used the SensDevice therapist in a mouse.


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