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Jellyclick ultra portable mouse

I have a wireless mouse and I’ve never had difficulty taking it anywhere, it’s small as mice are and there are no cords so I could put it in my pocket if needed. Apparently, though, there is enough of a need for smaller mice when traveling someone has come up with the idea for something called a Jellyclick mouse.


Bamboo Speakers are inspired by nature

Some products seem to dwell on feature and others dwell on design, rarely though do I think anything brings the two together. Yeah there are some that claim to have both but in my opinion most fall short and the Bamboo speakers are no exception.


Garmin Nuvifone is the phone of my dreams

I could go on about how similar to the iPhone this phone is, but I won’t, I’ll simply summarize it by saying that I have an iPod Touch, and I love it, but I think this Garmin Nuvifone would more than fill the smartphone void in my digital life. It has a proprietary Garmin OS, HSDPA, Quad-band GSM, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and a 3.5” touchscreen (not sure if its multi-touch, but that definitely is the same size screen as the iPhone).


Sony Unveils Alpha A300 and A350 DSLRs

Sony announces two new Alpha DSLR-A300 and DSLR-A350 DSLRs today for PMA 2008, to be held next week at Las Vegas. They are hitting the cutthroat DSLR market hard, two more new models in additional to the A200 and A700 that just announced earlier this month and last September. Both cameras share similar designs from physical body to features with the exception that A350 is 14.2 megapixel vs 10.2 megapixel.


Last HD-DVD release from National Geographic

I don’t buy whole lot of movies in Hi-Def but I’ve been stocking up most of the wildlife films if I can get my hands on, you know? since I’m a self-proclaimed bird photographer and all. But seriously, I do have plenty of them in Hi-Def, including the war between the Tsaro’s lioness and buffalo heard, the Relentless Enemies. If you are a wildlife fanatic like me, trust me, you’ll love this documentary. On the other hands, it will be the last HD-DVD title from National Geography.


Not a sharp shooter? Try camera stabilizer for a Dollar

With the rate of digital camera going these days, everyone is a self-proclaimed photographer. Lawyers and doctors spend thousands of dollars, with top of the line Double-Digits-Megapixels camera, for their dog and cat session but wonder why the pictures came out blurry. There are some of us in a tight budget look to hang on those shaking-hands. How about a dirt cheap dollar to stop that blurred pictures you been complaining? I’m sure some of the mother in law photos are intentionally blurred but you could achieved a better effect using the string to swing the camera at them ( u know, self-defense)

By the way, Kirk sells similar but better unit for up to $40 bucks

[via metacafe]

Gateway has 2 new computers coming out, GM5664 and GT5662

The GM5664 and GT5662 both have AMD Phenom processors with AMD Live! Both computers also have an nVidia GeForce 6150 SE chipset, but an ATI Radeon HD 2400XT graphics card, however much sense that makes.


Eye-Fi Team up Nikon to bring Eye-Fi-Connected’s D60

EYE-FI, the world’s first wireless memory card that we have covered back in a few articles then, like the FCC approval or review wound-up, if that jog your memory, has teamed up with Nikon to bring you the same technology on the newly announced D60. The D60 will be the first ‘Eye-Fi Connected ’ digital camera that allows direct wireless images transfer straight from the camera to the photo sharing sites or computer.


FastMac 17-inch MBP replacement battery

This battery ups the ante a bit on your 17-inch MacBook Pro’s battery. Instead of the 68Wh of the stock battery this one offers up 71Wh which is said to definitely net you more than the 5.75 hours Apple promises with their battery.

There are also LED charge indicator lights on the battery so you know how well you are doing. It’s up for pre-order now, and should be shipping within 10 days.


Western Digital My Passport Essential gets redesign

The redesign is to make it look more like the WD My Book drives, which is an attractive look. Alongside the appearance upgrade, there was a capacity bump with the drive topping out at 320GB now.


SPOT GPS tracker for the adventurous

So you put a couple of AA lithium batteries thing and then you start hiking and the folks back home can follow your trip up Mount Everest. There are 4 buttons on this little bugger, Help, ON/OFF, OK/Check, and 911.


Skype on the PSP is now live

Go get the update now! Firmware 3.90 offers up Skype, well, that’s the major addition from the update, I have no clue what else it does, but after you have Skype on your PSP you probably won’t care either.

The downsides are as follows, first, you have to have a PSP-2000, aka the PSP Slim. The second is that the little remote that came with that model PSP, yeah, you had better still have it, as its apparently necessary (probably where the microphone is).


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