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Xbox 360 Devil May Cry 4 bundle hitting Japan next month

So the Xbox finally got its hands dirty with the DMC franchise and now in an effort to entice Japanese gamers to pick up the console they are offering a similar bundle as Sony will be offering with the PS3. Essentially it’s a normal 360 with an HDMI port and a copy of the game in the box.


A-Data releasing 64GB SSD

A-Data is making their contributions to the ever-increasing line-up of SSD drives with drive available in 1.8 or 2.5-inch sizes and capacities up to 64GB. Their main design force is to make their drives for desktops, but they could also be used in PMPs, UMPCs, and Laptops.


Pics of the Samsung F490 and P720 full touch screen phones

Let’s start with the F490, it’s the one without the built in flip cover. Not only does it look good, but with a full touch-screen, a 5MP camera and tactile feedback, it works well too.


Amazon’s Wii Flew Off the Shelf at 17 Units per Second

How hot is Wii after 15 months of its first appearance? Smoking hot according to Amazon. It’s not only the top selling item and most profitable game console in the year of 2007; it’s flying off the shelf with the rate of 17 units per second when they have it in stock at a brief moment during the Christmas season. It’s amazing the Nintendo finest remains the world most sought-after holiday gift for gaming device since it first launch in September 2006.

Amazon says 2007 holiday season is strongest yet [via usatoday]

Sony Alpha A700 gets a Firmware Update to 3.0

Sony has released new firmware for their latest 12mp Aplha A700 Digital SLR. The 3.0 version will fix an issue where the access lamp remains lit and the camera stops responding when pictures are shot in rapid succession. It also addresses camera’s erratic setting behavior in memory recall mode. More detail with varies models and serial number that are affected by issues above can be founded at Sony official web site.

DSLR-A700 Camera Firmware Update [via sony support]

Slashdeal : 4 Harry Potter HD-DVD Version with $9.99 Each at Amazon

If you aren’t interested in collectible and bonus material but the movie, Amazon has another HD-DVD BOGO including 4 Harry Potter titles : Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire and Sorcerer’s Stone. The price is incredible; you can get all 4 for $39.90 with the promotion. Add the Order of the Phoenix for $24.95, you have all the 5 movies for $64.85 shipped.

Amazon BOGO

SmartNav Hands-free Mouse Uses Your Head

Every once in a while I’ll run into some trouble with my mouse. My wireless doesn’t always move as smoothly as I’d like and sometimes I have problems with hitting the touch pad on the laptop as I’m typing and sending my cursor flying other places. Even so I can’t imagine coming to a point that I wanted to use my head instead.


ATP GPS Photo Finder Easily Geotag’s Your Pictures

If you’re looking for an easy (PC free) way to geotag your pictures, the GPS Photo Finder from the ATP sounds pretty good. You just sync up your camera with it’s clock, let it got a lock on the location and you’re good to go. It works through applications like Picasa and Google Earth.


CD Carousel Plus stores 150 discs jukebox style

I’m not very organized. I try to be but some things I’ll let fall by the wayside and there they will stay. I’d love to get my CDs or DVDs in order but just alphabetizing them doesn’t always work/last.


Super PocketTrack Covert GPS Tracker – An expensive way to spy on people

I really want to give the person who buys this the benefit of a doubt. Unfortunately, I can’t come up with a single idea as to how someone would use this that doesn’t involve spying/snooping of some sort. I guess that’s why they put ‘covert’ right in the title.


Time Cube Clock – Won’t stay a cube for long

There seem to be days when certain items are prolific and today it seems to be clocks. I’ve seen about half a dozen different kinds of clocks/time devices today. As clocks go, the Time Cube Clock is probably the coolest looking one I’ve seen in awhile.


ChiliPad – Hot and cool nights

My room has two temperatures: stifling hot and freezing cold. I have a little A/C and a few fans, and lots of blankets to try to even things out but it never quite works, so I’m always open to new suggestions. The ChiliPad sounds excellent to me.


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