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Tag Heuer announces mobile phone in 2008

Tag Heuer announces mobile phone in 2008

TAG Heuer, the watchmaker has signed an exclusive agreement with ModelLabs to create mobile phones. This will be the first communication device using the TAG Heuer brand name and will inherit the design characteristic of the Swiss watch brand. TAG Heuer plans to launch its TAG Heuer brand mobile phones in the second half of 2008. No pricing information at this moment.

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Mini Weapons – Miniature Bazooka and Samurai Weapons

I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again: Girls love miniature things. However, this is one mini set I’d stay away from when picking out something for your sweetie, unless your sweetie is me, cause I think these are great!

If you love weapons and Halo 3 just isn’t enough of a fix for you, you might stop buy ThinkGeek and pick up one or both of these miniature weapons sets. The bazooka sets are a 1/6th scale replicas of a Panzer Faust3, RPG-7, FIM-43, M20A1, and SA-18. Each set ($8.99) only lets you pick out two, so you may end up with doubles of one when you buy the complete series. Each bazooka comes with its own stand for maximum display-ability.


LG Phone did not killed the Korean man, his friend did!

We recently saw a chain of news about a Korean man that was killed by an LG cellphone; after police investigation, it turns out that he was actually murdered by his friend that apparently also the first witness of the event. LG reaffirmed the public that its battery is safe and did not cause this tragedy. The media are quick in picking the incident’s story and putting LG phone battery as the main suspect. I guess bad news spread way faster than good news.

[via slashphone]

Hitch Vault – The Mini Safe

I take great precaution in making sure I’m never without something I need, or if I am without making sure I have a backup plan. For example, I have a spare set of keys my parents keep for me and when I know I’m having a short cash flow month, I stash a little in a secret place that I often forget about until I’m in desperate need of it.


Spy pen comes with Shredder

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to a secret message visible only by ultra violet light and then after words needed get rid of the evidence, but there wasn’t a convenient way to fully destroy said evidence so you had to eat it instead? Me too, I hate it when that happens. Anyway, now there is a pen that can help all us out in those hard times.


Vivat Bacchus Hamper for a Christmas with Taste

I’ve never been ‘wine and cheese’ kind of person, that is to say if it’s more then $20, I’m not drinking it. However, if anyone wants to buy me the Vivat Bacchus Hamper this Christmas I’m willing to change my mind.

This package is the most expensive Christmas Hamper on the market so far, coming in at a whopping £45,000. The South African themed restaurant/delicatessen/wine bar that is offering it is located in London’s Square Mile and has filled it with a selection of the rarest and most desired of wines, meats and cheeses.


Zune 80 now available for customization

Remember the Zune Originals program that MS was offering for customizing the backs of the flash models of the new Zunes? Well they finally got around to extending that to the once-sold-out 80GB model.


DS gets another pimped upgrade, DSVision gets you video, books, and manga on your DS

The Nintendo DS is becoming the device everyone secretly wishes the PSP could be. The latest addition to the DS is no different, it uses a microSD card in conjunction with a DS cartridge to deliver video, comics, and books to your DS.


Sony upgrading the battery behind the PSP

Sony is finally listening to the gamers and releasing a new, upgraded, longer lasting battery for the PSP. The extended life battery will retail in mid December for $45.


Verizon, Vodafone, and AT&T all looking to the future of their data networks

All three companies are looking to LTE (Long-Term Evolution) as their choice for 4G data access. LTE, which I had never personally heard of, apparently offers up 100 megabits per second down, and up to 50 megabits per second up with a low latency of 20 milliseconds making gaming and video conferencing a more viable venture on the network.


AMD triple-core processors to hit retail in February 08

Remember those triple-core processors I told you about a while back? Well basically they were the quad-core processors that had only one damaged core and they were more or less repurposed as triple-core processors.


Leadtek WinFast PX8800 GT 256MB graphics card

Leadtek has just released their latest high-end offering in the form of an nVidia based DX10 compatible graphics card. This card utilizes the GeForce 8800GT graphics processor and 256MB of GDDR3 memory.


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