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ATT getting in on Black Friday madness

That’s right, even ATT wants their piece of the pie come this Friday. What are they doing to garner your attention? Try a 50% off sale on certain handsets.

Interested in the Samsung a737? Sony Ericsson w580i? BlackBerry Curve 8310? Pantech Duo? What about the Moto RAZR2? Well they are all half off, priced at $24.99, $24.99, $99.99, $99.99, and $149.99 respectively.


Samsung U600 gets gold accents

It’s the “Black Gold Limited Edtion” of the U600. The phone was already a pretty nice device, being part of Samsung’s Ultra Edition II series.

It was also really thin being the most anorexic of the line. But, this upgrade hasn’t brought any new stats since the base device was first released earlier this year.


JayBird Bluetooth Stereo Headphones Reviewed

So they are Bluetooth, they don’t have an ugly lanyard attached, and they are really simple to use. There is a small wire that connects behind the head, but that’s about it, all the hardware sits on your ears.

Sure, that sounds uncomfortable, but both halves are balanced as far as weight goes, and they don’t feel uncomfortable at all. The best part, they are made for jogging, and other such activities, so they don’t jiggle, or move, or otherwise feel like they are going to fall off, trust me I tried it. I mean, “My Plague” by Slipknot came up on my computer and started playing, and I went full on headbanger’s ball style, bending at the waist and flailing up and down just like I was at the concert, and nothing moved.


Samsung SGH-a747 SLM Napster Phone

So we already mentioned this, but we have something new, more specs, and a whole lot more pics. In fact if I recollect right, we didn’t have a single pic of the actual handset last time.

It has Bluetooth 2.0, Quad-Band GSM, Dual-Band UMTS, and a talk time of about 3 hours. There is the 2MP cam that has up to a 4x digital zoom, and other than all the video and music services that come with it, it has Java, and SMS, MMS, AIM, MSN, and Yahoo! instant messengers built in.


T-Mobile offering a “New Deal”

Maybe not the kind that Roosevelt was talking about, but I’d say a free round trip plane ticket just for signing up for a new contract with T-Mobile is a good deal. That’s right, beginning on Black Friday (November 23rd, a.k.a. this Friday) certain myFaves contracts will net you a form for a booking request.

The booking request is how you get your flight, it will get you from any one of 59 cities to one of 10 choice destinations, Vegas, NYC, LA, Orlando, Miami, ATL, Boston, Chi-Town, Dallas, and D.C., your choice. So, if you’ve been reading our reviews of the various T-Mobile products and have been considering picking one up for yourself (personally I recommend the Sidekick LX, I freakin’ love this thing) there probably won’t be a much better time than when you get a free round trip ticket, that way, at least if you can’t visit someone who’s in your five, you can go somewhere warm, or at least different.


USB Toys -R/C Mini Car W/ Garage and Basketball Dunk Game

With all the different USB toys and gadgets on the market I’m beginning to wonder whether USB doesn’t really stand for U Stop Boredom. Today I ran across these two USB supported toys that help support that theory.

The first was the R/C Mini Car w/ Garage. After a brief charging and of course the software installation (Windows only) you can drive this mini cooper look alike around your desk. You use the arrows keys to navigate and can even honk the horn with a simple press of the space bar. It’s only $30 and it’s a great way to relieve boredom and stress.


SNIF Tag System – The Final Desperation

Are you unable to secure dates or friends on your own? Can you not trust your human friends to help your out? Why not turn to man’s best friend?

The SNIF Tag System tracks your pet’s whereabouts and stores information not only about your pet but you as well. After that all you need do is take your pet for a walk. When they come in contact with another SNIF (Social Networking In Fur) member it uploads the information to the site so you can get in touch with the owners and become as close as your animals.


LED Blow On/Off Candle

I, like your average woman, love candles. We can’t explain it; it’s just one of those great woman mysteries like miniatures and soft, fuzzy things. We eat that stuff up! So of course when I saw these candles my heart skipped a beat. They are by far the coolest candle I’ve ever seen… and they’re not even a real candle.

This faux candle comes packaged like the real deal. Its solid wax exterior houses a LED light which flickers like a real flame. The penultimate feature is that you can switch to a warm yellow glow or a cool blue to suit your mood or lighting needs. Of course, the best part is that you can blow it out… and blow it on.


Nokia shipping N810 to US finally

You can finally get an N810 shipped to your house direct from Nokia. In case you’ve forgotten, this thing puts UMPC’s, several laptops, any PMP I’ve seen, and navigations units all to shame at once.

It comes with GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, a touchscreen, an onscreen keyboard, a slide out keyboard, 2GB of storage, a SD card slot to add up to 8GB of more storage, and maps, Mozilla with flash support, and several other apps all built in. The best part is the price point.


New DS Lite bundles featuring Nintendogs and Zelda

Yeah, I know, we already covered this, but we have box shots and a definite price now. The Zelda box comes with a gold DS lite adorned with the tri-force logo.

It also comes with a copy of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass. The Nintendogs box, same deal, a copy of the game, and a pink DS lite with a paw print on the top.


nVidia drops 8800M in GTS and GTX versions

That means you can start expecting to see the new mobile graphics chips in your favorite high end laptop manufacturers product lines. They both work with DX9 and DX10 and include PowerMizer tech to keep power usage down when you aren’t gaming or watching HD content.

I had the pleasure of toying around with the Alienware laptop we got in the other day, and I must admit, I am impressed with how far mobile graphics has come. I mean, my last laptop had 64MB of shared graphics memory on a Radeon 9600 chipset, needless to say these chips, and those in the Alienware are a significant improvement.


Ion V2000 Computer Case is the DIY version of the all in one PC

Dell ripped off the form factor an now you can too! Just, whatever you do, don’t call it the ONE, I am sure even you, a simple civilian, can come up with your own unique name. Anyways, it’s a do it yourselfer’s dream, you can build your computer how you want it inside this case and it’s an all in one PC with monitor and all.

It comes with the 19” monitor you see in the picture, an 8-in-one card reader, and a 2 way speaker. There is also a separate power supply for the monitor, and there is a 350 watt power supply, built into the case there is one optical drive bay, a pair of USB ports, a firewire port, and mic and line out jacks.