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A Towel the size of a pill

Tired of those bulky towels? Apparently someone came across some undersized towels that come in pill form, spotted at a Korean restaurant. You have to watch the video to fully understand.


The Night Reader Hardcover adds a little finesse to late-night reading

The Night Reader Hardcover adds a little finesse to late-night reading

I think a book light is probably the dorkiest gadget ever. I mean what self-respecting person would be seen with one?! Okay, so I own one. What? I like to read at night once everyone has gone to sleep. When I was much younger I had a night light and I would curl up in the floor to read by it. Yes I am a dork.

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Sprint Upstage retraction: scrolling through long playlist is now a breeze!

Sprint Upstage retraction:  scrolling through long playlist is now a breeze!

Sometimes a rough hands-on review is simply that, very rough. As a result, you’re going to miss a thing or two. In the case of the Upstage, one of the biggest complaints I had had to flick through my long playlist. Well my friends, I’ve flick no more; I’ve seen the light.

So for the record, this is no longer an issue for me. I’ve recorded a short video for your viewing pleasure (Youtube still processing the video - it should be live shortly).

I’m bumping the Upstage up to 3.5 out 5 stars as a result of this finding.

Kyocera saddle messaging handset with sub-par screen

Anyone who knows me is aware that I’m not a critical person.  In fact I’ll put up with most things if you give me a chocolate biscuit.  However, I’m beginning to think someone at Kyocera is taking the proverbial, if the internal screen of this new M1000 messaging handset is anything to go by.  First off, no chocolate biscuit so no-holds-barred I’m afraid; what the mascara-arse were they thinking, putting that tiny little scrap of a display in there?!



More on Blyk: ad-supported cellphone service

Last year I linked toa MEX article on new European MVNO Blyk.  Their attempt at a slice of the cellphone market pie was to offer free calls and text messages to the 16-24 demographic, in return for serving them up adverts.  Blyk promised a dynamic range of promotional content based on continuous customer feedback; at the time, I wondered out loud whether there was any advertiser who could change their content in the two hours Blyk challenged.


Up-close with the Helio Ocean: Updated with Video

Vincent’s latest stop was with the guys from Helio, and they were showing off their new new Ocean. They were kind enough to hand it over for him to play with and of course, take a bunch of pictures. Hit the jump for his thoughts, a video walk-through and more pics.


Unboxing – LG VX9400

Once again our own Vincent has managed to get his hands on a new hot product. Anyway, he’s managed to snare one of the new LG VX9400 phones and even found time to shoot an unboxing video and a whole bunch of pics.

video after the jump (more…)

Details unfold about the million dollar laptop

We finally have more information on the $1 million laptop we covered last week. As it turns out, you’ll get some nice hardware for your money, but nothing to justify a million bucks. A 17-inch LED backlit screen and a Blu-ray drive just aren’t enough to justify the price.


Ritek Yego – The USB flash drive/hub

The problem with all of the wonderful USB-powered gadgets these days is that they take up one of your precious USB ports. If you’re running low on ports, and don’t feel like having a USB hub sitting on your desk, then you might check out one of these new flash drives from Ritek.


Sprint unveils new WiMAX details

Sprint has released new details surrounding their WiMAX initiative at CTIA this year. Their big plans include bringing WiMAX to 100 million people in the US by the end of 2008. But where are these 100 million people going to be located?

Sprint has updated their list of cities that will be included in the WiMAX development. Nokia, Samsung and Motorola are each working with Sprint on different cities. There’s a full listing of the current cities to be covered after the jump.


Sprint launches 99-cent music downloads

It looks like Sprint is ready to compete with the likes of the iPhone with its new music store pricing. Under the new changes you’ll be able to download songs over the air for just $0.99 each. So far, that’s the cheapest we’ve seen over the air music.

The good news doesn’t stop there. Sprint has also unveiled two new data plans that focus on mobile music. For just $15 a month you can get their Power Vision Access Pack which includes 10 commercial-free radio channels, videos from Sprint Power View with content such as weekly music countdowns, concert information and more.


Closer inspection of the Samsung Upstage

Vincent wrote a great hands-on with the Samsung Upstage, but he’s a busy guy running around the CTIA wireless show. I thought I would go back through some of the details of Samsung’s new offering that he might have missed.


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