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Pleo Available for Pre-order at Trossen Robotics

Pleo Available for Pre-order at Trossen Robotics

Trossen Robotics is announcing the availability of preorder for the Ugobe Pleo robotic dinosaur.

CEO Matt Trossen, “The Pleo has been the most talked about commercial robot since the Roomba. We anticipate very high demand for this product and are very excited to be carrying it for our customers. As with any new technical product which has garnered a strong buzz, people should reserve their place in line as soon as possible if they want one. We know that we will be tearing open a box as soon as they arrive.”

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My hometown gets an upgrade to EV-DO Revision A!

My hometown gets an upgrade to EV-DO Revision A!

Sprint announced the immediate availability of EV-DO Revision A for Wichita and Kansas City market.  While I no longer reside in those two cities, I still fly in an out visiting friends and family.  Thanks for the EV-DO Rev A love – Sprint!

Customers in Sprint’s new Revision A market enjoy upload speeds of 350 to 500 Kbps and an average download speed of 600 Kbps to 1.4Mbps.  This is a significant jump, compared to regular EV-DO networks crawling at 50 to 70 Kbps up and 400 to 700 Kbps down.
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Motion’s Medical Tablet caught on film

Look, a new Tablet PC handbag!  Well, no, it’s actually not much good for holding your lipstick and one of those tiny pens that are always so handy, but if you’re strutting around a hospital you might fancy one of Motion’s new C5 mobile clinical assistants.  That’s a fancy name for a ruggedised tablet: 3lbs in weight, wipe-clean for those unpleasing urine spills, and a 2-megapixel camera for snapping pictures of the cute patients.

In this video, shot by Scott Mase, Motion’s Scott Eckert demonstrates the slinky $2199 machine.  I’d be very curious if my doctor whipped one of these out at my next consultation (not least because the NHS is so poor they’re having to recycle dog hips into the elderly).

Google Video [via Scobleizer]

Create a modern relic: IBM ‘board meets Steampunk cool

Oh, lord, I wish I was talented in the workshop.  Because seeing things like this insanely gorgeous Steampunk keyboard mod, where an IBM Model M ‘board was converted with a whole lot of love’n’attention into something that wouldn’t look out of place on H.G. Wells’ desk as he battered away at ‘The Time Machine’.



Is she really real or just real enough?

Her name is Song Hye Kyo, a Korean actress. Yes, she’s real and the image below is real enough to fool anyone with a pair of eyes.

The image is so life like, it’s hard to believe that a computer generated it. Indonesian CG artist Max Edwin Wahyudi is the genius behind this marvelous creation. Wahyudi uses a combination of digital sculpting and design application Pixelogic Zbrush and animation modeling software Autodesk 3DS Max.

This is nifty and all, but I’ll be more impressed if he can actually create a life like model with AI – now that’s a real achievement!

Making of the Korean Actress Song Hye Kyo [Via Gizmodo]

Nintendo Wii Sells Better than PS3 and XBOX 360 in January

Nintendo Wii Sells Better than PS3 and XBOX 360 in January

Surprise, Surprise… Not really! Nintendo is doing very well with Wii sales during January with roughly 436,000 units sold ourselling XBOX 360 and PS3 by far. Perrin Kaplan, Nintendo’s VP of marketing credit Wii’s success towards Wii’s ability to attract additional and different customers rather than just season gamers.

According to DailyTech, Xbox 360 sold only 294,000 units, and PS3 with 244,000 units. PS2 continues to hold its ground with 299,000 unites sold in January due to its low pricing.

Nintendo Wii Outsells PS3, Xbox 360 During January [via dailytech]

PowerShot TX1 – Digital Camera in Camcoder Form

It’s nice to see some big changes on PowerShot lineup as Canon announces the PowerShot TX1. Its chassis looks more like a mini camcorder rather than a still image camera. A big improvement on TX1 compared to other PowerShot is its video capturing capabilities. The TX1 could capture videos at 30fps with High-Definition 720p in Widescreen format (16:9). Aside from HD video recording, it also support up to 1280 X 720 pixels resolutions and 60fps in mode.


More Optimus 103 details: keys to be swappable

Perhaps over-egging the proverbial hype pudding, those masters of self-promotion over at Art Lebedev have declared “the most exciting news this year”: that the 103 Keyboard will have user-changeable keys.  Perhaps to counter those critics who have suggested a full array of tiny colour OLED screens will push the final price-tag somewhere in the region of the stratosphere, this will enable the company to hit different (still likely high) price points depending on configuration.


National Geographic cut cost of global conversation

As adults and young people alike grow more dependent on their cellphones with each passing day, I know of a fair few cases where the lowpoint of a holiday abroad has been returning to a sky-high bill, fulsome with roaming charges.  Often unbeknown to users (at least on that first trip – they tend to be wary after that), when outside of your normal network you’re charged for the international portion of any call made to your cellphone.  While those in the US are used (if not happy) to paying for incoming calls, this isn’t the typical business model in Europe and so can come as a shock.


Apple and Cisco Settle iPhone Trademark Lawsuit

Late last night, Apple and Cisco announced that they have resolved their dispute over the “iPhone” trademark.

Under the agreement, Apple and Cisco are free to use the trademark on their products however and where they want. This means that both companies agree to play nice and everything is water under bridge with no further actions regarding the iPhone trademark.

In addition, Apple and Cisco have plans for interoperability between their products in the area of security, and consumer and enterprise communications. Everything regarding the agreement was kept confidential.

Apple and Cisco come to an accord over ‘iPhone’ trademark [My iPhone]

LG Prada Bluetooth headset for your Prada Phone

Talk about having zero info – there’s absolutely nothing I can tell you about this Bluetooth headset other than it’s made by LG Electronics and Prada will sell it in May.


Panasonic SDR-S10 is world’s smallest flash camcorder

At just 1.2 x 2.5 x 4.5 inches in size, the SDR-S10 is so small; it slipped through the crack back on February 14 when it was announced. Panasonic is claming the title “World’s Smallest SD Camcorder.” Who am I to argue with them?


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