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Choke A Duck Toy

Work gets frustrating sometimes and just makes you want to choke a duck—especially, a duck that does the chicken dance. So, knowing just what we needed, a British company has produced an irresistible “Choke a Duck” toy. The duck does indeed, do the chicken dance, and does so over and over until you choke it with a firm grip of the neck. Then it makes gagging noises until you let go. Upon release, it resumes its dance so you can choke him again and again. Requires four AA batteries for hours of fun duck choking. You can get one for $27.99 from Oh, and make sure to check out the video demo there.

Choking the Duck [Via: Gearlog]

Invisibility Cloak in the Horizon

Expecting to see people disappearing behind the invisibility cloak? Well, unless you see only electromagnetic waves at the microwave level, don’t keep your hopes up. Researchers at Duke University were able to redirect microwaves around a small copper cylinder. Microwaves were deflected around the object and restored on the other side as if they had passed through empty space. An analogy would be river water flowing past a smooth rock.


PS3 Pack-In Details Revealed

In the gaming world, few events have been anticipated like the launch of the PlayStation 3. Aside from wondering if Sony’s behemoth console is as good as they’d have to believe, gamers are probably also wondering what, exactly, they’ll be receiving in their packages and how many body parts they should have ready to pay for accessories. Well, wonder no more; Sony has informed us as to exactly what will be included in the box and how much a new controller/game/memory card adapter will run you guys.


SED Next-Generation Flat-Screen Display

SED Next-Generation Flat-Screen Display

SED-TV is something that no amount of words can describe. It is something that must be SEEN to be believed; literally. SlashGear journey in to the world of SED-TV through an actual demo. But, what exactly is SED-TV? To unravel the mysteries of SED-TV, a history lesson is quite helpful.

55-inch SED Display with 100,000:1 contrast ratio exhibited at the “FPD International 2006” in Pacifico Yohohama convention center.

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List of PS3 Titles Available on Launch Day

On Nov 17th 2006, PS3 will be available to fans that will probably line up under the cold weather to get one. Sony has sent out lists of titles that will be available on the day it launch PS3.

Resistance: Fall of Man, NBA 07, Genji: Days of the Blade, Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWII, Call of Duty 3, Fight Night Round 3, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, F.E.A.R., Full Auto 2: Battlelines, Madden NFL 07, MARVEL: ULTIMATE ALLIANCE, Mobile Suit Gundam: CROSSFIRE, NBA 2K7, Need For Speed Carbon, NHL 2K7, RIDGE RACER 7, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, Tony Hawk’s Project 8, Untold Legends Dark Kingdom


Wii’s 480p Capabilities Confirmed

While not quite as impressive as the Xbox 360’s or the PlayStation 3’s 1080p capabilities, we now know for a fact that Nintendo’s upcoming Wii console will be able to output to 480p, and that Nintendo will component cables for the Wii for $29.99 (separate from the console, which will ship with composite cables). There’re two catches; the Gamecube’s component cables will not work and you can only obtain the Wii component cables via an online retailer (such as Nintendo’s store, Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.). So if you want 480p, be prepared to pony up an extra $30 for the resolution bump.

[via IGN]

Xbox 360 to Receive Hard Drive Expanison

If the wimpy 20 GB hard drive that comes with your Xbox 360 simply doesn’t cut it for you (let’s face it, everyone uses their consoles for all things media these days), you might want to look into the hard drive expansion that should be coming our way soon. Under this expansion, users would be able to up their 20 GB hard drive to 100 GB, effectively upping the potential for some serious media storage. What we don’t know are the really important details; namely, when we’ll see this expansion and how much it’ll cost to up the storage. Stay tuned, we’ll be reporting more on this as details become known.

[via GamePro]

Optimus Upravlator finally breaks cover – Updated!

[Edit: It’s been officially announced today: product page. Each key has five possible controls; top, bottom, left, right and centre-on push]

Oh to have access to the innards of Engadget’s inbox – in the gadget world it must be the equivalent of Area 51, packed to the gizzards with future tech tied up with so many embargoes you’d need a degree in schedulology to keep track of them all.  But they feed us a few every so often, hence this photo of Optimus’ Upravlator in all its glory:


The top-left key changes context for all the other buttons; price and release date are still, unsurprisingly, tbc.

Here comes the Upravlator! [Engadget]

Panasonic Intros Core Duo Toughbooks

Panasonic’s flagship Toughbooks has recently released two new models now equipped with Core Duo processors. The CF-19 is a convertible Tablet PC and the CF-30 is a regular clamshell notebook. Both models feature record-breaking brightness with 550 nits in the CF-19 and 1,000 nits in the CF-30. Both are also encased with a magnesium alloy body, sealed keyboard and ports, and shock-mounted screen and hard drive.


Scrabble Up Your Pad

Remember playing scrabble when you were a kid? Bring scrabble back into your life or family room in the same fashion as Stephen Reed’s Wordplay Installation. This interactive seating setup using scrabble pillows and benches was designed for the London offices of Bloomberg financial services. Doesn’t seem to be available for the mass market, but it doesn’t look too difficult either to make your own scrabble pillows.

Stephen Reed WordPlay Installation [Via: NOTCOT]

Hello Kitty Pet Sweater

To see what the overly indulged wealthy and wildly Hello-Kitty-enamored folks spend their money on, take a look at the lavish Neiman Marcus-exclusive pet sweater. It seems Swarovski crystals are really getting around these days, adorning anything from water bottles to appliances, and this luxurious pet garb is no exception. Studded with black, white, and pink Swarovski crystals, this pet sweater is made of cashmere mixed with a bit of lycra to ensure a comfortable fit on those precious little ones. Squander away $100 for this piece of extravagance.

Neiman Marcus Hello Kitty Pet Sweater [Via: Luxist]

Swarovski-Studded LG Appliances

In with the crystals and out with the stainless steel, lets make kitchens really sparkle. The artistic home appliance series from LG, called Art Home, will feature floral patterns designed by famous Korean painter Seung-rim Ha that are studded with sparkling Swarovski crystals. This is LG’s first step in their plan to integrate digital appliances with art. Future product collaborations with artists will include washing machines, air conditioners, and other household appliances. Only in Korea for now.

LG Launches Swarovski-Embedded Art Home Appliances [Via: Bornrich]