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Holy Seitz! Humongous 160 Megapixel Digital Camera

I thought cameras were supposed to get smaller and smaller. This huge beast of a camera is no joke, and is not for your average user unless they have bucket loads of money and find snapping photos and lifting weight all at the same time to be a nice modern convenience. No, but really, this is an advanced camera for taking some BIG photos. I’m talking about native 6×17 panoramas at 160 megapixels with ISO range of 500 to 10,000, 300MB per second read out speed, and 1/20,000th second shutter speed. This camera body measures about 19 inches wide, 6 inches tall, and about 3 inches thick and weighs about 6 pounds. But that’s not all that’s hefty, the price tag is $36,266 for the mobile version and $33,715 for the studio version. Will be available in early 2007.

Seitz Digital camera takes 160 megapixel photos [via: Mobile Magazine]

Sony to Microsoft: Nyah Nyah, Our Console is Better Than Yours

In the ultimate show of maturity, Sony is once again going on the offensive, pointing out how their internal Blu-ray solution is “better” than Microsoft’s external HD-DVD soluion. Coming the day after we got our first solid details about Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox 360 add-on, as well as news of an update that will allow the 360 to play back 1080p video, Sony’s response comes off as a desperate attempt to save face in the wake of their PS3’s advantages slowly slipping away.


PS3 And Packaging Spotted!

The guys at GameSpot have photos of PS3 packaging and someone trying to setup a demo unit of PS3. I cannot wait to get one of those in my hand (and also Wii), but as of now pictures is enough for a tease.


Tavern Arcade brings the pub home for one last round

Ever since I was barred from my local public house for an unfortunate incident involving a brassiere and a handful of dry-roasted peanuts, I’ve been trying to create the feel of a modern day drinking hole in my own front room.  So far I’m stuck with some dubious top shelf bottles of brightly coloured cream-based spirits and a dulled string of horse brasses.  What I really need is some sort of fruit-machine or gaming system that will allow me to spend my money on gambling rather than just getting wretchedly drunk.


Logitech preps fashionable Bluetooth cans

Now here are some Bluetooth headphones that I might actually consider wearing, rather than the enormously bulky or ridiculously Borg-like competitors.  The ever-elucidating FCC has revealed Logitech’s slender FreePulse headset, which rocks Bluetooth 2.0+ EDR with A2DP so as to control your Zune, compatible cellphone or dongled iPod.



OCZ Roadster – Tiny USB Flash Drive

OCZ Roadster – Tiny USB Flash Drive

How portable do you want your portable storage to be? OCZ announced a really small USB flash drive called the Roadster. The size of the flash drive is almost the same as the USB connector itself. The storage capacity on Roadster is 1GB and larger storage capacity to be announced in the future. Currently OCZ has not release any pricing on the Roadster yet.

Roadster super small USB flash drive [via ubergizmo]

Manta TR1 – Add Apple Remote To Your Mac

Manta TR1 – Add Apple Remote To Your Mac

Not all Mac works with Apple remote; not even the latest Mac Pro. So what do you do? You pick up a $16 Mata TR1 IR receiver and an Apple remote. The TR1 receiver will connect to your Mac’s USB port and act as an access point for the Apple remote. An optional IR expander is available to increase the range of the remote.

Manta TR1 Allows Apple Remotes On All Macs [via crunchgear, product page]

A ThinkPad Ignited in Flame at LAX

A ThinkPad Ignited in Flame at LAX

Yet another laptop battery has ignited! This time a ThinkPad caught fire in LAX airport. According to CNET the ThinkPad was a T43, which usually ship with a Sony battery. If you have been following the time-bomb battery news, Sony battery is the culprit of many exploding and burning laptops. Many airlines taken precaution by not allowing battery powered laptop on the flight. So I don’t think Sony is off the hook yet on this matter.

Flaming LAX laptop was a ThinkPad [via cnet]

Mustek Paragon TW450 Speaker Towers for iPod

What better way to show off and worship your iPod at home then to place it on one of these grand speaker towers from Mustek. This Paragon TW450 speaker system stands 38 inches high with a 45-watt amplifier. Will make quite a centerpiece for the living room or a great iPod shrine. Not only does this system amplify music, it also recharges your iPod’s batteries while it sits there on its throne. Comes remote control as well as RCA line-in port in the back so you can connect it to an existing home audio system. Will be available soon in retail stores for $250.

Via: New York Times

When Cell Phone Meets Wristwatch

This may be the worlds first mobile GSM wristwatch phone. Created in Austrailia by SMS Developments, this wristwatch comes with Bluetooth, full SMS capabilities, USB port for downloading games and ringtones, Bluetooth headset for voice calls, and a talk time of 80 minutes. Comes in black, silver, red, gold, yellow, and blue. It will be released in December only in Australia. Avaibility in other parts of the world is uncertain for now.

Via: WristDreams

AI Wheelchair watches out for danger

During a senior citizen’s charity barn dance last year, my grandmother was the victim of a very slow hit-and-run incident when one of the other participant’s wheelchairs ran over her foot.  With tragedy like this lacing our streets on an almost bi-daily basis, it’s a corn-fed shock to the system that wheelchair users are not required to pass some sort of pavement safety testing scheme.  Thankfully, Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) are doing something about it.


3DTV Coming to Homes in Three Years

If the sharp clear images of HDTV aren’t enough for you perhaps you should try 3DTV. In just three years, 3DTV could be sitting in your living room. We’re talking about watching movies in 3D sans the 3D glasses, sans the tendancy towards motion sickness, and all in your own home. Have to thank the European Commission for funding research in this arena to the 3DTV network, a multinational consortium of 200 researchers from 70 different countries. However in contrast to the above mentioned “stereographic 3D” technology, experts say that “holographic 3D” technology wont be available for another 10 to 20 years down the line. Imagine being able to watch a whole football game with little 3D football players playout on the top of your coffee table. But dont be expecting any Star-Trek-like holodecks though until we reach the final frontier of the next generation.

Via: BBC News