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World’s First Hypoallergenic Cats by Allerca

If you’re an allergy-sufferer who has longed for but not dared to get a cat as a pet, you can now get one for $4000 that won’t bring you the sneezing and red eyes. Allerca, a biotechnology company in San Diego, has developed a hypoallergenic cat by breeding litters from cats that do not carry the Fel D1 glycoprotein, which is the cause of most allergic reactions. Especially popular with urban dwellers, these cats are already backordered with a year-long waitlist.

Allerca’s Hypoallergenic Cats [Via: MedGadget]

Palm’s New Treo 680

The Palm Treos have been hugely popular with the high-end corporate crowd. Now it’s striking out at the mainstream with its new lower-end Treo 680, which looks similar to the Treo 750 released last week in Europe. Both phones will be for Cingular. Pricing and availability not yet announced.

Palm goes low-end with the Treo 680 [Via: Gadgetell]

Yum. Ice Cream Spaghetti

This spiffy device magically transforms your ice cream to look like spaghetti. Ice cream in its natural form just gets too boring after awhile. The image below shows an enticing plate of vanilla spaghetti topped with strawberry marinara and white chocolate parmesan. Hmm, I wonder if they can make spaghetti look like ice cream. You can get one of these devices for $15 at the Lighter Side.

Spaghetti Ice Cream Maker
[Via: Oh Gizmo]

Schticker on your Laptop

Stand out from the sea of people hunched over their laptops. Express yourself by slapping on some Schtickers. These laptop decals come in a variety of styles and colors. They’re reusable and removable so you can ‘schtick’ em anywhere. Custom designs are also an option.

Personalize Your Laptop [Via: Techie Diva]

Intel shows off 80 Core CPU

Everyone’s enjoying their duo cores right now and looking forward to the quad cores, which Intel says will be shipping out this November. At the same time, Intel is showing off its 80 core chips, which can exchange whopping terabytes of data per second. They’ll be commercially available by 2010.

Intel Promises 80 Core CPUs within 5 Years [Via: I4U]

Three New Slingboxes Coming Out From Sling Media

Sling Media will be launching three new models tomorrow, the Slingbox Pro, Slingbox AV, and Slingbox Tuner. The Pro is the higher end model that has an optional HD input adapter. Widescreen (16:9) support, high quality programmable video compression and full control of up to four A/V sources. The AV model gives you control over your digital cable, satellite or DVR set-top box. The Tuner is for standard basic cable that doesn’t require access to a set-top box, DVR or other AV devices. The Pro is priced at $250 and the AV and Tuner are priced at $180.

Sling Media Drops Three Slingboxes for the Holidays [Via: CrunchGear]

Xbox 360 HD-DVD Arriving this Nov. for $199

FINALLY, we have Stateside release information for the Xbox 360’s hotly-anticipated HD-DVD drive. Coming out just in time to give the difficult-to-find, Blu-ray-equipped PlayStation 3 a run for its money arriving “mid-November” to happy HD customers everywhere. For that price, you’ll get the USB-connected drive, the Xbox Universal Remote, and a HD-DVD copy of King Kong. Not a bad deal, eh?


Nokia Open Studio Launches XpressMusic 5300 – Bowie and Barkley on hand

What do you get if you take David Bowie, Gnarls Barkley and a selection of Nokia music handsets? No, it’s not a joke, it’s the line-up at the Nokia Open Studio event, and you’ll be damned pleased to know that SlashGear, knowing you were washing your hair, was there to bring you the very bestest in hands-on tomfoolery.


Blind Camera Takes the Skill out of Framing

This one has had quite a bit of coverage, but it’s such an interesting concept I think it’s worth a mention.  Berlin-based artist Sascha Pohflepp’s Buttons camera is a device designed to capture a moment rather than a picture – that is, it separates the content & location of a point in time from the chronology of it.  Pressing the shutter-release causes Buttons to search for a photo on Flickr that was taken at that exact same moment, and it’s that image that is displayed on the viewfinder screen.


Altec Lansing inMotion iM510 speaker dock for SanDisk Sansa – Launch Date and Price

If you just read Rue’s review of the SanDisk Sansa e280, you’re probably wondering if there are or will be any accessories available for it. You can rest assure that Altec Lansing has partnered with SanDisk to create a lineup of accessories made for Sansa music players. The inMotion iM510 is a black docking speaker system that is every bit as sexy as the company’s Made for iPod lineup. It’s sexy, slim, dock, sync and charge the Sansa product line for less $119.95, available the week of October 9, 2006.

I had an opportunity to spend a brief moment with the inMotion at the Holiday Spectacular event in NYC. All I can say is if you’re the owner of a Sansa, the inMotion will make a perfect mate for it. More pictures after the jump.


Slinky Mio H610 GPS gets put through its paces

You’ll hear this one a lot: “If Apple made a GPS, it’d probably look like Mio’s H610”, but then Mio invite it upon themselves by designing a unit that would even make Jonathan Ive do a double-take.  The slick white case, the absence of cluttered controls, the achingly sharp screen… it blows the capable but dowdy TomTom navigators out of the water (which they really ought not be in, as they’re generally not waterproof).


Supercharged Exige S sets sights on US roads

Over here in the UK it’s not uncommon to see the odd Lotus Elise and – more rarely – Exige bombing down the motorway or whipping around country lanes.  The constantly evolving sportscar is renowned for having close-to-perfect handling and sweet, sweet driving dynamics, and has a loyal following amongst owners and enthusiasts.  So it always comes as something of a surprise that drivers in the USA are less blessed when it comes to model choice – hence the unbridled excitement of Jalopnik and Autoblog (amongst many) at the news that the hardcore Exige S, the supercharged variant of the coupé, is heading across the Atlantic.


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