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Ricoh R5 Caplio Digital Camera with 7-megapixel and 7x Zoom

Ricoh R5 Caplio Digital Camera with 7-megapixel and 7x Zoom

The new Caplio R5 digital camera features a 7.1x optical wide zoon lens, CCD-shift image stabilization and a broad new image-processing engine.  The new Smooth Imaging Engine II should reduce noise, improve performance, and yield a higher sensitivity of ISO1600 at full resolution.  There’s also the standard 2.5-inch LCD display, improved battery life VGA 30fps video recording at 640x480 resolution, and vibration correction function that should improve the quality of the images.  There’s no support for SDHC.  The Caplio R5 is only available in Japan for $350.

Press Release [via DPReview]

Rebranding’s a gas

I like cars, but I’m certainly no mechanic.  So all I really know about fuel is that higher RON = better performance.  No bad thing!

Now Shell have rebranded and tweaked their Optimax fuel – it’s up from 98 to 99 RON, and is called V-Power.  Frankly the name doesn’t appeal and I preferred it called Optimax, but when I think about the clumsy mixture of “optimum” and “maximum” in that I cringe anyway, so perhaps I’m just a name snob.

Anyway, it’ll be priced higher than regular fuel and hopefully help you coax out an extra few bhp from whatever engine you’re running.  I’ll give it a try and see how it goes…

V-Power [Shell]

Daily Wrap-up for 08/24/2006

Daily Wrap-up for 08/24/2006

We issued the first ever apology. We scored three new images of the antennae-less Treo, Nikon dropped 5 new COOLPIX while Canon launched 3 new PowerShot and the Digital Rebel XTi SLR, Onyx, Coral Pink DS Lite is official, super big case mod, Bose announced two new upgrades, TiVo HD coming soon, Apple forced to recall Sony-made batteries and my favorite is the transparent garage. It was a really good day for news; I hope you enjoyed reading them.

I like the really cool Mobile House, reviews of toilet seats, MobiBLU Boxon tiny media player, and speaking of digital audio player – Apple still have yet to release a pink iPod nano. Don’t they know pink on anything is hot? Microsoft announced the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows, a re-branded Xbox 360 controller that will work with Xbox 360s and PCs. EasyBox set-top box for Swiss Chalet, Hello Kitty iPod cases, Griffin FireWave Mac Surround Sound Device, Toshiba Dynabook SS S30 boasts 9 hours of battery life, then there’s the new Microsoft and Razer Gaming Mouse.

The hundred-plus-dollar laptop has an official name - called the CM1. What a great concept.

See Through Concept Designer Garage for the Super Rich

When money is no object, a $210,000 transparent concrete garage, created by architects Neutral is a must have.  Picture yourself as a $1M Sportscar, would rather parked inside a regular garage or a showroom like garage? The best feature of the “Designer Garage” is having the option to flip a switch and the polycarbonate based LCD layers turn opaque electronically.

The “Designer Garage” can also be used as an office, playroom, or bedroom.  Wow.

Official Apple Recall of 1.1 Million Sony-made Batteries

Official Apple Recall of 1.1 Million Sony-made Batteries

Life can’t be easy for poor Sony this year. There’s been a lot of PS3’s bad press and now these batteries recall from Dell and Apple. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission forced Apple’s hand to launch the recall. There are well over 1.1 million Sony-made batteries affected, and this count is only in the US.

Name of Product: Rechargeable, lithium-ion batteries with cells manufactured by Sony for certain previous iBook G4 and PowerBook G4 notebook computers only.
Units: About 1.1 million battery packs (an additional 700,000 battery packs were sold outside the U.S.)

Battery Cell Manufacturer: Sony Energy Devices Corp., of Japan

Computer Manufacturer: Apple Computer Inc., of Cupertino, Calif.

Hazard: These lithium-ion batteries can overheat, posing a fire hazard to consumers.

Incidents/Injuries: Apple has received nine reports of batteries overheating, including two reports of minor burns from handling overheated computers and other reports of minor property damage. No serious injuries were reported.

Description: The recalled lithium-ion batteries were used with the following computers: 12-inch iBook G4, 12-inch PowerBook G4 and 15-inch PowerBook G4. Consumers should remove the battery from the computer to view the model and serial numbers labeled on the bottom of the unit.

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Canon Announced the PowerShot A710 IS, A640 and A630

Canon Announced the PowerShot A710 IS, A640 and A630

Earlier today, Nikon dropped five COOLPIX point-and-shoot digital cameras; now Canon fired back with the BIG dog EOS Digital Rebel XTi SLR and three new PowerShot digital cameras.

The first new PowerShot A710 IS feature 7.1-megapixel, the A630 is 8-megapixel, and A640 is 10-megapixel.  All three cameras have the same 2.5-inch LCDs, nine-point AiAF “Smart” autofocus system, manage SDHC, capable of recording VGA movies with sound at 30 second frames per second for up to 36 minutes per clip, yet they also vary in other features.

The A710 IS feature Canon’s proprietary Image Stabilizer Technology, making it the first A-Series model to have image stabilization.  However, the PowerShot A630 and A640 are equipped with high resolution CCDs, with a high-quality Canon 4x Optical Zoom lens, an optical viewfinder, and a 2.5-inch Vari-Angle LCD screen.

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Canon’s New EOS Digital Rebel XTi SLR Official Announcement

Canon’s New EOS Digital Rebel XTi SLR Official Announcement

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., Aug 24, 2006 – Canon’s EOS Digital Rebel XT model – the camera that set all time sales records for digital SLRs of any persuasion (supplanting the original Digital Rebel’s claim to that title) - now takes its place alongside of the newest member of the irrepressible Rebel clan: the 10.1 megapixel EOS Digital Rebel XTi SLR camera. For 16 years, the Rebel brand has stood for advanced, sophisticated and easy-to-use. The new Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi camera continues that legacy, taking discriminating photo hobbyists, enthusiasts, advanced amateurs and SLR aficionados to places digital dreams are made of…and more economically than ever before.

“The EOS Digital Rebel XTi camera continues to lead the way with impressive innovations and an array of advancements simply not found on other digital SLRs in the sub-$1,000 price-range,” stated Yukiaki Hashimoto, senior vice president and general manager of the consumer imaging group at Canon USA, Inc. “Canon technology is born of inspiration, imagination and our passion to help photographers make the best pictures possible. Nowhere is the combination of undeniable quality and value more evident than on this new EOS Digital Rebel XTi camera.”

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More Pictures of Palm’s New Antennae-less Treo: Lennon – 750

More Pictures of Palm’s New Antennae-less Treo: Lennon – 750

UPDATE 08/25/2006 here. Original source of the images @ PDAEXPERTOS.
I promised early on in the week that there will be no more Treo articles until Friday – but this is too juicy to hold back. These images of Palm’s new antennae-less Treo were just dropped in our mailbox (Thank you - you know who you are!), and we feel obligated that you should see them. I don’t remember seeing these images anywhere else so I hope you enjoy them.

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Art Gallery on your wrist

Are you a top secret spy with a poor memory for faces?  Have you been sent on a dangerous 00-style assignment to kill a three-nippled megalomaniac, only you can’t quite recall what he or she looks like?  Well why not invest in this attractively styled and innovative Photo Frame Watch – it can store up to 26 images to display on its not-exactly-ground-breaking 96×64 pixel display (4096 colours!), transferred by a USB1.1 connection. 

Sadly you’d have to order a minimum of 1000 of them – they don’t sell to individuals – but perhaps you can persuade your Government employers that they’d make ideal gifts for everyone at Christmas.

Holide Product Page [via The Red Ferret Journal]

TyTN Smartphone Reviewed: verdict “Expensigreat”

The gilted Matthew Miller over at ZDNet has got his hands on a rather swanky HTC TyTN and is kind enough to write us jealous peons a review.  Running Windows Mobile Phone Edition (the TyTN, that is, not Matthew) with a slide-out keyboard and 3G network support, it’s a business-oriented powerhouse squeezed into a compact chassis.

Rather than me paraphrasing Matthew’s whole article, you should probably go over there and read it yourself.  He has pretty photos and words and everything.

TyTN: Smartphone of your dreams? [The Mobile Gadgeteer]

Case Mod or House Extension?

$400 will get you a lot of stuff.  But I didn’t know it would buy you something as cool as this.  You’re looking at the case for a Cray EL98, in its time a $six-figure, 700+lb behemoth of a machine.  Now sadly missing some of its whirring, clicking innards (i.e. it doesn’t work) but with a custom, museum-quality stand, its current owner has decided to part ways with the charcoal number-cruncher and make some other geek’s case-mod dreams come true.

Alternatively, you could buy it, take out what remains of the original wiring, circuitry and other electronic mischief (photo after the jump), and move in.  With property prices as they are, it’d probably be the easiest way to get on the ladder.  You’ve got ’til midnight Thursday to make your mind up (and locate a forklift truck).

Craigslist listing [via BoingBoing]


Aurora Clock – LED reinvention

Although originally a 70s icon, the Aurora Clock – in all its colour-changing, chromed glory – would still fit nicely in any minimalist bachelor pad.  So it’s a slice of lovely goodness that clever technical wizzards ChronoArt, who now own the rights to manufacture the clock, have brought it happily up to date with far-more-reliable LEDs (the old clocks had a habit of fading into sepia blobbiness, apparently).  They also have a variety of similarly hypnotic colour-changing clocks based on the Aurora’s guts.

ChronoArt will be pleased to sell you a new Aurora or, if you’re lucky enough to have an original, repair or upgrade it.  New they run to $399.  Another photo after the jump.

ChronoArt [via Cool Hunting]