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USRobotics Cordless Skype Phone

USRobotics Cordless Skype Phone

USRobotics announced the USR9630 Cordless Phone for Skype and the USR9631 Accessory Handset.  Essentially, the USR9630 is a base station that connects to both traditional phone line as well as Skype through a USB port on a PC.  It allows up to four cordless handsets to be connected to the same telephone line.  The product does have a drawback, and that’s the lack of built-in answering machine.  However, unlike other similar units, it can receive PSTN calls when connected to a landline.

The USR9630 Cordless Dual Phone retails for $119.99 in September, while the USR9631 Accessory Handset will be available in October for a retail price of $69.99.

USRobotics USR9630 Cordless Phone for Skype [via]

Unboxing The O2 XDA Cosmo Windows Mobile Smartphone aka HTC Excalibur

All hail to Arne Hess. Arne promised more info in the previous article, and he’s come through with an actual working unit of the Cosmo! I’m laying down for my 100 lashes for all bad mouthing towards the Cosmo. It’s quit a handsome Smartphone, very thin looking and yet super professional. Unlike a Pocket PC Phone, it lacks a touch-screen, running Windows Mobile Smartphone Edition. Other features include quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, WLAN and Bluetooth, and 1.3 megapixel camera. The thumb keyboard looks standard, and my absolute favorite feature is the new jog strip. The jog strip looks like it’s going to be much easier to use than the traditional wheel similar to what’s currently on the Blackberry and HTC Hermes.

Arne has had the Cosmo since Monday, so it’s only a matter of time when he’ll post the full review for the world to gawk at. He did warn that this is still a prototype that’s very close to the final version, so most likely there’ll be some changes. You’re my hero Arne!


Yo-Yo Powered MP3 Player Requires No Batteries

Yo-Yo Powered MP3 Player Requires No Batteries

Look ma’ no batteries required for my Yo-Yo MP3 player!  Well, actually not so soon, because this is still very much theoretical, and production units are still a ways off.  Chris Aimone and Tomek Bartczak are the brains behind the Yo-Yo powered MP3 player.  This is how it works conceptually: slap a rotor, some electromagnetic coils, permanent magnet together, combined with a firmware, a flashdrive, a circular lithium ion battery, a wireless broadcaster, along with a transparent LCD, and you’ve got the most ass kicking MP3 player on the planet!  This idea is so darn good that it won the Pop Sci and Core77 award for best human powered design.

Yo Yo Powered MP3 Player [via]

Sierra Wireless To Release USB Version of EV-DO, HSDPA Revision A Modems

Sierra Wireless To Release USB Version of EV-DO, HSDPA Revision A Modems

Looks like Novatel isn’t the only kid on the block to release a new device for Revision A EV-DO and HSDPA network. Sierra Wireless is releasing an EV-DO Revision A devices later this year and a HSDPA early next year. The AirCard 595U is for CDMA network – such as Sprint and Verizon. It should hit the street in Q4; featuring maximum download speeds of 3.1 megabits per second and maximum upload speeds of 1.8 megabits per second.

Sierra Wireless will also release the AirCard 875U which utilizes HSDPA, offered by Cingular. The AirCard 875U has a peak rate of up to 3.6 megabits per second and is upgradeable. The AirCard 875U should be released in the first quarter of 2007.

Price and exact date of release is yet to be announced.

New EV-DO, HSDPA wireless broadband interfaces use USB [Macworld, via Engadget]

Teling Bluetooth Headset – big range, cold metal

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to an STD clinic, but even if you haven’t you might be able to picture the kind of stainless steel probes they have on hand for those, ahem, delicate areas.  The Teling X-Sport BTH-11, seen here reposing languidly in its curvaceous charging cradle, looks distressingly like one such probe.  But in fact it’s a bluetooth headset – yes, okay, another one.

Aside from the gynaecological looks the X-Sport’s claim to fame is a sodding great range of 20 to 30m; Teling boast it’s unique in that regard amongst competitors equally hungry for your pounds/dollars/yen.  Still, at $89 (that’s Australian dollars, btw) it’s a reasonable option for those with a habit of leaving their phones lying around and wandering away. Product Page [via OhGizmo!]

Garmin’s new Nuvi

As someone who regularly makes journeys with a Garmin Nuvi 300 sucker-cupped to his windscreen, I’m half-pleased and half-dismayed to see this new, sexy widescreen Nuvi 660.  It’s dripping with features my old model just wishes it had; Bluetooth 2.0 to act as a hands-free kit with your cellphone; an FM transmitter to enable wire-free connections to any radio… all of a sudden the mp3 functionality sounds like it might actually get used.

What’s the same is the ridiculously straightforward interface, that makes picking out and storing addresses easy as a particularly easy pie, a bumper collection of Points of Interest (POIs) accessed through chunky, finger-jabbable icons, a sizeable chunk of free on-board memory for your own use and SD expansion.  I also know for a fact that Garmin regularly release firmware upgrades adding functionality and tweaking usability, plus they’re very responsive to customer suggestions and queries.

Would I recommend the 660?  For an estimated $1000 you’d have to really really have trouble finding your way around and want those extra features. 

Garmin Nuvi 660 at GPS Passion [via CrunchGear]

We’re big fans of windy RAM

Remember when they put LEDs displaying performance on RAM?  I’ve got to admit, I was a bit curious as to what sort of person would require illuminated memory, but I suppose there was someone who did.  Anyway, now I get to be confused about Corsair’s Dominator memory with built-in cooling fans.  Seriously, just how many applications are so intensive as to require RAM with its own bloody cooling?  I sure hope those intensive application running people have a spare $600 lying around, anyway.

ExtremeTech [via Crunch Gear]

PSP GPS Revealed

PSP GPS Revealed

PSP owners will share in the joy of owning the new GPS add-on.  I believe its primary purpose is to be used with games such as Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, and other future titles.  Its secondary use will be for directions.  The GPS receiver attaches to the USP port located in the top middle of the PSP.  The antenna can be folded over and down, making the PSP less bulk during transport.  The price and release date is still unavailable.

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More Treo 750 Pr0n Gallery Galore!

More Treo 750 Pr0n Gallery Galore!

Come and get’em because this is the ultimate collection of images for ya’ll Treo 750 fans! There isn't more info that I can offer up but what we can see is that it’s heading to Vodaphone and runs Windows Mobile 5.1.195. Enjoy, and thanks to everyone that sent this in! More images after the click.

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Xantrex PowerSource Mobile 100 – Power for the road warriors

A person who travel and on the road often will appreciate what Xantrex brings to the table. PowerSource Mobile 100 is a portable power source that can power your USB devices and its also equipped with an AC outlet. PowerSource Mobile 100 will be able to power your notebook for around 120 minutes. Unlike having 2nd battery for your notebook, you can use the AC outlet for something else such as your cell phone in case you need to charge up in the middle of train ride and expecting an important phone calls when you notice your battery has been drained. PowerSource Mobile 100 is available for a price tag of $129.99.

Product Page [via mobilemag]

Phone with Dock for iPod

What do you expect to come together with your alarm clock? Is it a radio? The NW402 “Bedside Phone Center with Dock for iPod” is more than what you usually see on an alarm clock. Other than the alarm clock, AM/FM radio, a wireless remote control for, it’s also have a dual built-in stereo speakers, 2.4GHz telephone that comes with two handsets, each with speakerphone, a digital answering machine, memo recorder, 50-number phonebook, 40-number Caller ID, call waiting, intercom, three-ways calling, pager/locater, six selectable ring tones and four-handset capability. You can get it for $249.95 with 90-days warranty.

Bedside Phone Center with Dock for iPod [via Sharper Image Best]

Pillow Pod speakers

Pillow Pod speakers

I'm one of those people who prefer listening to music when trying to sleep. Trying to sleep with headphone is really uncomfortable but I know quite a few people who prefer drifting off with headphone. If you are in the same category as me, you should have a look at this Pillow Pod, it is made of 100% polyester. This Pillow Pod connects to iPods, MP3, CD or a computer. The input is a standard. It will cost around $16.19 - $17.99. The Pillow Pod is available at Target in 4 colors; blue, purple, pink and lime.

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