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New Details on the Microsoft “mPod”

Thanks to the Seattle Times, we have even more information on what could turn out to be Microsoft’s iPod-killer (which we’ve dubbed the mPod for now). Codenamed Argo, the device is apparently being designed as part of a “complete line” of Xbox-related gear. By “complete line,” we’re assuming that means that there will be more to this lineup than just the Argo and the Xbox 360 (hint hint). Argo’s team is being led by J Allard, the man who co-developed the Xbox, and includes members from the MSN Music team and Allard’s XNA Framework team.


Venzero Unveils LilOne PMP

Portable media players are everywhere today, since these devices are one of the new must-have gadgets around. While some might consider the Venzero LilOne to be a bit of a wimp in the world of PMPs, the device is not without its place in the world. Sporting a 6 GB micro hard drive, the LilOne isn’t shy of features, allowing users to play both video and audio (and pictures too, but who uses those anymore?) in its tiny 1.5-inch, 262,000-color screen.


Matsushita Readies 103-inch Plasma TV for Sale

Just in case you feel that your current TV is simply not large enough for your tastes, Matsushita is ready to begin selling their monster-sized 103-inch plasma TV, otherwise known as “that big-ass TV that requires a second mortgage on your home to buy.” It features such state-of-the-art features as 1080p HDTV capabilities and a 3000:1 contrast ratio, and weighs in at an astounding 215 kg (or roughly 474 lbs.).


Maltron Keyboard: Painful or No?

If you thought that Microsoft’s “natural” keyboard was an oddball device, you haven’t seen anything yet. Say hello to the Maltron “L Type” USB keyboard. Designed with a more natural typing feel in mind, the keyboard is, according to Maltron, fully ergonomic and fits the natural contour of one’s hand to make typing easier. The keys are all tilted and arranged so that your wrists never move, which cuts down on unnecessary movement (and therefore carpal tunnel).


An iPod That Talks?

In keeping with our ever-expanding coverage on the future of Apple’s little music player, speculation has arisen (in the form of yet-another patent filing) that the next-generation Apple music machines will speak to you, announcing the song’s title and artist in a variety of celebrity voices. While it’s sort of creepy to consider having your iPod talk to you (is it really so difficult to just look at the song title, people?), this might be a great step forward in allowing iPods to be used by vision-impaired customers who can’t read the text on the iPod’s admittedly tiny screen.


Gold and Diamond Gameboy

Obviously you would have heard of the Red and Blue version of Pokemon, then the later Gold and Silver version of Pokemon. Right now theres already a 18K GOld and Diamond covered Original Game boy. Costs $25,000 if you are the true fans of a small LCD screen and definately something you are not gonna bring out of the display cabinet, this is what you need.

[via SwissSupply]

HDMI to come with Xbox 360, maybe?

There’s a recent rumor about the new Xbox 360 to include the HDMI function. So if the 360 were to actually have a HD DVD drive, then the internal HDMI port would most likely serve its purpose. It’s projected that HD DVD hardware prices to fall over the years, so it is possible to have two drives to be shipped in one box. Nothing is sure for now until a couple of years.

[via Kotaku]

Averatec AV7170 moving towards dual core

Averatec is finally jumping in the dual core mobile computing bandwagon, with their new AV170-EC1. The specs for this laptop are the usual AMD Turion 64 X2, with 100GB 7200 RPM drive, 2GB of RAM and a substandard WXGA+ (1440×900) 17 inch display, 5-in-1 card reader, ExpressCard. Gigabit Ethernet, and a 1-inch thick 7.2 pound shell. THe price is pretty good, at $1150, it should fit most budgets and its pretty value for money, even though it isn’t the best offer in the market.

[Via Laptoping]

Sony UX180P

Sony would be releasing a possible UMPC-killer, the Sony UX180P. It sports a more powerful processor, higher-res screen, integrated keyboard and EDGE. However at a price of close to $1800, it is too much for the normal consumer. Considering the UX180P to be double the price of most UMPC, would the UX serve its function? The answer is not available for now and we would be able to see the outcome of the Sony UX180P in the future.

[via Engadget]

Low cost Linux portable digital audio workstation by Trinity

Trinity Audio Group is attracting budget conscience music producers and podcasters around the world. It is based on the Compulab’s CM-X270L, the Trinity, along with a variety of open source audio applications, such as on Linux, inclusive of Audacity and Escasound, helps them in developing their own graphical frron-end.  The specs seems to be usual, that includes a 6.5 inch TFT running at 640×480, 128MB RAM, 20GB hard drive, built-in WiFi, two Neutrik combo jacks, and a purported four hours of battery life. It will be ready to be shipped in October for $1000.

[Via Linux Devices]

Apple Logo Appears on PS3 Site

In an instance that’s sure to startle the hell out of any geek who sees it, the Apple logo has mysteriously appeared on the US Playstation 3 site. While Sony has made comments in the past that their new console “could” run OS X, many are taking this little Easter Egg as a sign that such capabilities might still be possible. A more likely explanation is Sony using Apple software to create the new PS3 page, and the software tagging the animation upon publishing. Still, the appearence of the Apple logo is surely going to attract a good bit of attention; let’s see what Sony has to say about this, shall we?

[via Kotaku]

ABC Wants Automatic PVR Commercial Skips to End

Yeah, THIS should go over real well. Like a lead balloon. ABC is apparently trying to convince personal video recorder makers to start leaving out the automatic commericial skipping features that helped make the devices to popular. ABC President of Advertising Sales Mike Shaw apparently feels that the demand for this feature isn’t too great, which not only proves that he not knows what he’s talking about, but raises some serious questions about how one so stupid could become the head of advertising at a major studio network. Don’t expect TiVo or any of the other guys to actually comply with this request, as it would kill the sales of their main cash machines. And ABC, you might want to rethink who’s running your advertising division.

[via Gizmodo]

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