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Sony Offers Credit for Old Cams

Thinking about replacing your old, outdated camcorder, but you simply can’t conjure up the money to replace it. Take it to Sony! Thanks to their camcorder trade-in deal, qualifying camcorders, whether they’re Sony-made or not, can be traded in (and shipped to Sony at the customer’s expense) for an e-coupon that can be used toward a new Sony camcorder.


Tripod Concept MP3 Player

Ah, those crazy guys over at Yanko Design. We’ve covered many, many PMPs in the past, but nothing quite like the conceptual design. Not satisfied with the design of modern media player, Yanko has come up with this beauty; a triangular, two-piece PMP whose base comes apart to reveal a large, flexible video screen. Pretty neat, huh? The device apparently will operate in two modes; MP3 mode and OLED mode. The difference can be seen above, and I’m impressed, to say the least.


BMW Creates Self-Parking Car

Well, for anyone who has ever considered buying themselves a BMW (and who hasn’t), now you have one more reason to justify your expenditure. BMW says that, within three years, they will have a fully-automated self-parking car, meaning that you should never (in theory) have to worry about hitting the garage wall or other household fixtures. As it stands right now, all the driver has to do is come up to the parking spot and exit the car. Once outside, they press a button on their remote and presto! – instant parking.


MS Ends Windows 98/Me Support

The time has come; Microsoft has ended support for its Windows 98 and Windows Millenium Edition (Me) operating systems. Basically, this means that Microsoft will not be producing any more patches or hotfixes for these two operating systems, and also won’t have paid phone support available anymore. This leaves the two legacy Windows OSs with at least one glaring security gap, which Microsoft refused to patch on the grounds that it would render many Win98 programs inoperable.


Video of LG PM800 PDA with DMB TV Tuner in action

Video of LG PM800 PDA with DMB TV Tuner in action

It’s hard to make out which version of the Microsoft OS is on this LG PM800 but do we really care? Just take a look at the quality of the video output on this PDA.


Mercedes unveiled the 2007 SLR “722 Edition”

The new SLR “722 Edition” isn’t going to be cheap and definitely not for slow drivers.  This beauty has an increased output of 650 horsepower, a tailor-made suspension configuration, and a much sportier interior.  It’s super fast going from 0-62 mph in 3.6 seconds and reaching 124 mph at 10.2 seconds with top speed of 209 mph.



The MoMolight for notebook computers is based on the “Philips Ambilight” technology. The idea is to make the user’s viewing experience more comfortable by using a directshow filter to calculate the average color on the top, left and right border of screen. Ok, I understood everything up to that point got lost after the explanation that it sends the calculation to a microcontroller that does PWM control of three separate banks of red, green and blue cold-cathodes. Can someone explain this idea to me like I’m a 4-year old kid please?

HackADay (currently down) [via TechEBlog]

Microsoft Argo / Zune MP3 Video player

While the information provide by Engadget and Gizmodo are still rumors and unconfirmed, it’s very likely and credible that the image below is indeed the Microsoft Zune (it’s possible that the device also went by the code name Argo.

According to Engadget’s report, the Zuno display is 4:3 ratio not 16:9.  The screen size might be in the range of 3 to 3.5-inches wide.  There’s also a big wheel with two buttons on either side; the left seems to be a “back” and the right is a “play/pause” button.


Funky funky Gelaskin

Bored with the same old white iPod skin. Now theres a new skin product called the Gelaskin. These skins are made with vinyl that protect your iPod video/nano/mini/4th generation from nicks and scratches. It doesn’t even leave any weird bubbles on your iPod. The GelaSkins’ can be removed and put on other iPods, they have a residue-free adhesion. They cost about $14.95 per piece

Product page

Brick Type Hard Disk Enclosure by Lacie

Do you love colorful objects and playable toys. Well, Lacie has now made it a reality, this brick type hard disk enclosure by Lacie make storing much more fun. It is a new hard drive to back up and store your video, mp3, and office files. It also comes with USB 2.0 to transfer all of your files. It comes 160GB (white $99.99), 250GB (red $129.99), 300GB (blue $169.99) and 500GB (red $349.99). Honestly, your boss wouldn’t think of you of being a heavy toy fan.

Product page

AMD will roll out FX-64 in Q4

There is a buzz at HKEPC (in Chinese) about AMD releasing FX-64 (90nm) by 4Q at $999 a pop and it will be available to system integrators by August 8th 2006. Nothing really new about it other than higher clock speed bump to 3.0Ghz. AMD is still using 125W on FX-64 which indicate AMD will conserve their 95W for the Quad chip and lower clock speed CPU at run on 65W. AMD’s fab capacity is still keeping them from moving their latest chips to 65nm which Intel will take advantage of by releasing their soon to be out core2 Duo line up. At this moment, many of the early benchmark on AMD’s fastest CPU against Intel’s Conroe does not favor AMD in anyway. I really do hope AMD could stay competitive against Intel, they have done a great job doing it for the past couple years, unfortunately i have not seen anything on AMD’s roadmap that will be able to smoke the fastest Conroe yet.

Rimax LED Speakers: Overkill?

LED-mania is everywhere; people are beginning to stick these simple little diodes into everything. We covered an LED-powered lamp/fake aquarium last week, and now it appears that Rimax feels that we need to watch LEDs light up in sync with our music. Enter the Music LED Speakers, which does just that. When plugged into an audio source, the blue LEDs on the outer rim of these speakers light up and dim to the beat.


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