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Nokia 6131 launched for Europe and Latin America

Perhaps the most important of all the presented/displayed equipment here in the 6131, clamshell that continues the series initiated by the 6101.  It maintains the characteristics mainly, plus it has some novel characteristics and the benefits are really good.  Rarest qualities of the phone are that it has a button in the lateral one of the hinge to open the telephone, if is opened slow and worked well can get to be addictive to touch that button for those who buy it.

Display is QVGA, also something until now rare in clamshells western, is TFT and shows up to 16 million colors.  They also complement it with display external to color, of 128×160 and 256k colors.  The camera is of 1.3MPX, has radio FM, the memory can be expanded with cards microSD, and it is possible to be used like audio reproducer.  It has GSM, Push to Talk, has bluetooth.  Something  better?  They announced it for Latin America in addition to Europe, for the second trimester.

Fujifilm Finepix V10: Ready for the Market

It was expected for the Fujifilm Finepix V10 to be available towards the March end but the news is it is already departed for the market. It boasts of a 5.1-megapixel Super CCD HR censors and a 3.4x optical zoom (F2.8 – F5.5), equivalent to 38-13- mm on a traditional camera. It does include the Fuji film’s real photo Technology, which lends it very high sensitivity of ISO 1600 for brilliant photography in scanty light conditions. Its got a 3 inch viewfinder at the back. It’s just about 9 inches thick and weighs about 5 ½ ounces. Equipped with 230,000 pixels, the high resolution LCD is perfect for instant framing and shooting. It efficiently captures high speed objects very immaculately. The FinePix V10 Zoom combines all this with lightning quick response times of just 0.01 second shutter lag and a 1.5 second start-up, making it an incredibly efficient, user-friendly device. And, that’s still not it. If at all you are passing by a barren region and have nothing to be shot, you can still entertain yourself with some surprisingly addictive retro arcade style games. For it you will have to shell out $ 345.



Nokia’s two Midrange Cell Phones

Nokia the world leader in mobile phones has recently launched 2 more phones in the camera phone segment, the 6131 and 6070. About the 6131, it’s within the middle range. It’s got a flap design and fitted with a 1.3-megapixel camera. It exclusive features comprise of one-handed easy open, a dual screen finder. This increases the give of the camera because you can use both, the main or the outside screen as a viewfinder for the camera. It’s got a digital music player and an FM radio, and is compatible with Bluetooth and microSD memory cards. As per Nokia, the North American version will be announced later, and the price tag will read $329.

The 6070 is a lower end phone from Nokia which includes push to talk, a voice recorder, speakerphone and the obvious camera which is very basic. It does have an FM radio. It’s priced at $161. Both the phones are expected to role out in the second quarter.




Two low cost cameras from Sony

Be a photographer, and that too at minimal cost. Sony has launched two low cost cameras. Talk about configuration, it is 6 megapixel with 3x Zeiss optical zoom lens and not to forget a 2 ½ inch (model DSC-W50) and 2 inch viewfinders (model-W30). The two cameras can be distinguished on the basis of their respective viewfinders. The two cameras will be shortly available, with the DSC-W30 in stores from this month onwards will be costing $230 and the other model DSC-W50 being available from March for around $250. they will be available in both silver and black. With thickness around only 2/3 inch, these cameras are uniquely thin. The cameras are supposed to be more user friendly as the icons are accompanied with a text-based explanation on the LCD screen.

Sony Ericcson introduces more candybar phones

Sony Ericsson has recently unveiled two of its candybar style cell phones at the 3GSM conference in Barcelona earlier today. The K610i and the J100 are the representatives of the high end and the low end mobile phones for the 3G market. The K610i is similar to the 2G version of the K750. IT has a 2 megapixal autofocus camera (with flash) and as well as another video-capable VGA camera for video conferencing. The candybar phones has interesting features, such as the inclusion of the RSS reaader in addition to a media player in its browser. Other features include Bluetooth, a Memory Stick Micro slot. The J100 however was aimed for the fairly simple users, where SMS is still being popular in Asian countries. Both phones are due to be out in the second quarter of this year.

MP3 player by Tomy, it’s a bear!

This is a rather cute MP3 player and it comes in a form of a tiny little bear. Tomy’s bear MP3 player holds 128MB of memory, close to almost 120 minutes of song playing. Unfortunately, the 128MB size of memory is rather insufficient for the current trend of MP3 players. It would be nice if they are close to 4GB in size, but that would probably increase the cost of production. Definately a good gadget to impress your girlfriend during Valentine’s day tommorow.

No more Xbox 360 shortages?

Peter Moore, head of the Xbox division of Microsoft annouced that, within the next four to six weeks, anybody will be able to walk into a store and buy an Xbox 360. Currently, the shortage as affected consumers and impatient consumers, not able to wait for the backorder, has bid as high as 300%, just to get a unit of the latest Xbox’es. The latest statistic shows that 54% of Xbox owners have Xbox Live, in contrast to 10% on the original Xbox, which used the Live service. Definatel a significant increase in usage of the Live service.

Wireless HDMI

Radiospire has turned wireless and came up with HDMI wireless solution. The connection works up to 15 feet and will transfer at 3Gbps. This means that you can transfer full HD video and audio without having to compression of data. This would effectively remove clutter around the TV set.

Slime your tires

The company Slime, is offering a a mini palm-sized deflator, which you can pumpp up your tire after you’ve sealed it with Slime, a special substance that the company says is made of “environmentally friendly fibers, binders, polymers and proprietary congealing agents that will patch the the punctures, up to 1/4 on an inch.

The micro-compressor gets it’s power from a the 12v cigarette lighter. Once you perfomed the roadside repaid, you can then make your way to place it where you can fix the tire properly. The kit includes 8 ounces of Slime, which magically seals any leak.

Nintendo DS Lite: The Light way of Gaming

Nintendo has had the habit of being pretty secretive about its product launches, but this time we have managed to add some fuel to the fire and make the news known to everybody that Nintendo has redesigned the DS, which would now come in its new variant, the all new ‘Nintendo DS Lite’. It was somehow expected, given the companies fondness to redesign their consoles to drive sales. The new Nintendo DS Lite holds back on the size and weight by shedding 1/3rd of the bulk and 20% of the weight. However, the designs that you are seeing here may not by what you buy, but these are the design mockups. They would come in the standard crystal white, ice blue and enamel navy. The Japanese DS Lite will also have several hi-res photos and a 360 degree spin worth checking out. DS Lite is believed to be launching in Japan on March 2nd. There is however no word still as to when DS Lite will be available in the US or Europe. 

It shall weigh about 218g (compare to 275g Nintendo DS). Its dimensions are 133mm X 73.99mm X 21.5mm. The Japanese price is about $149.90 and if you place a pre order for Japanese market Nintendo DS Lite for instance on Play-Asia, they sell it for $20 more.


UMA:- the ultimate connection between 2.5/3G networks and WiFi

Royal Philips Electronics announced that its technology powers unlicensed mobile access (UMA)-enabled phones to be available in the U.S. market from a major operator. The flexible device using the Nexperia(tm) cellular system solution 6120 for UMA, can be used both at home over the fixed line broadband network and on the go for mobile calls. Requiring no additional setup by the consumer, UMA phones switch between cellular networks and Wi-Fi hotspots, automatically detecting the fastest and most cost-effective network – reducing bills dramatically. UMA is particularly attractive to business users, with Wi-Fi use in the office environment growing exponentially, further reducing bills for corporate users.

E28 and BridgePort demo FMC using IMS at 3GSM

BridgePort Networks, the leader in MobileVoIP convergence, and E28 Limited, a leading smartphone provider, today announced that the companies will be demonstrating the seamless handover of calls between live GSM and Wi-Fi networks at 3GSM World Congress 2006. Using BridgePort Networks’ NomadicONE(TM) IMS Convergence Server (ICS) the handover method conforms to IMS technical requirements recently defined by 3GPP, known as Voice Call Continuity (VCC). The E28 smartphones are the first low cost, ‘smartphone form factor’ dual-mode handsets suitable for mass-market use to demonstrate SIP-based MobileVoIP call handover. (more…)

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