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Clari-Fi headphone adapter cleans the audio from your MP3 player

So you know how you have to compress your audio in order to fit it on your MP3 player, mainly because those lossless formats aren’t really supported, but also because the files are freaking huge. Well supposedly this little thing goes between cleans up the audio, somehow filling in the blank spaces.

Anyways, the end result is supposedly better audio quality is going to your headphones, speakers, or whatever else you connect to this thing. The supposed technology allows for real-time compression, removal of harmful digital artifacts and audio spikes.


DIY instant messenger online contact signalizer picture frame thingy – says the creator

This nifty little gadget was created in an effort to make it possible to see who was online from across the room, or just in passing. So he took some pictures of the few people who he truly cared when they were online, put some LED lights behind them, and then did a lot of more technical stuff to make the lights light up when that person was online.


Asus Essentio CS5110 – World’s Smallest Desktop packing a Fully Embedded Discrete Graphic Card

This computer sits at 200x290x80 millimeters in size; it only weighs about 3.4kg. It has HDMI out as well as 7.1 audio outputs, so you should be good to go to just plop this in with the rest of your home theater equipment.


Nokia N810 running Android OS – could be better than OS2008 for the N810

Some enterprising fellows over at have found a way to get Google’s Android OS onto a Nokia N810 with its OMAP2 chips, which means this particular hack should also work with some Sharp Zaurus models. Anyways, the Android OS looks simply heavenly on the N810 and just goes to further prove that the OS isn’t limited by a cellular connection, it can work on a broad range of mobile devices.


Western Digital My Passport Essential Colors – now in more colors than black

In fact, you get 10 colors to choose from. They are the same USB bus powered pocket sized external hard drives you’ve become accustomed to, the only difference is that now you can get them in a color to match you.


ViewSonic Digital Picture Frames – they have interchangeable bezels!

ViewSonic has long been one of the best LCD manufacturers on the market, so it’s not surprise that they eventually decided to give the whole digital picture frame thing a go, and now they have. They have new 7, 8, and 10 inch models that are available just in time for Mother’s Day.


Brando Ultra-Smart Cable – USB charger/microSD card reader

This amazing little device from Brando solves so many problems. First it’s compact, and made to go on a keychain. Then it has a microSD card reader so you can change what’s on your cell phone’s card.


Chumby Hacks – now with larger LCD goodness

For those of you that don’t know about the Chumby, or forget what it does, it was basically a personal assistant that was portable. You could get the weather on it, RSS feeds, all sorts of other good stuff as well.


Toshiba REGZA line of LCDs gets 10 new models – they all have an unbelievable number of ports

I thought the number of ports on the back of a stereo or on the back of a nice desktop computer was a lot, apparently I was wrong. Some of the ports on these TV’s include 4 HDMI ports, 3 Ethernet jacks, 2 USB ports, FireWire, card readers, and even a wireless Bluetooth port.


Robotic Arm – remote control your way to robot overlords

This little robotic arm comes as a kit that requires some assembly, but once its done you get this badass robotic arm. It can pick up a maximum of 100 grams, it grasp items up to 1.7-inches in diameter, and even has an LED light for night time use.


Google launches App Engine – host your web apps with Google

It isn’t a public release, more of a soft launch with a preview available to 10,000 developers, but it’s a step in the right direction. Essentially what this service is offering is the ability to get your web apps hosted on Google’s servers.


MobiBlue Cube 3 – even smaller-er

This is the successor to the Cube 2 and will hopefully have a better user interface as that was one of CNet’s main complaints of the Cube 2. It still has the OLED screen, FM Tuner, and 2GB of storage space.

This player also has support for MP3 and WMA formats which makes it PlaysForSure compatible. Other than the relatively low storage capacity, possibly difficult to navigate UI, there is the $99 price that you’ll have to get over.


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