Faisal Rasool

Forman Christian College University
Smartphones, Tablets, Wearables
  • Faisal has been devoted to all things tech for more than years, but his work is typically laser-focused on consumer tech and the innovation that drives it. In his time as a writer, he has published thousands of articles on the topic.
  • A semi-professional graphic designer, Faisal draws illustrations, concept sketches, and fan art for his beloved shows. He also designs banners, flyers, and social media ads.
  • Programming - and the math it’s built on - also fascinate Faisal, and he is taking computer science courses which give him a working knowledge of basic programming.


Faisal began his writing career as a ghostwriter, but quickly carved out a niche in tech. Before joining SlashGear, he worked for WhatMobile (the leading tech website in his country), Infinix, and Tecno. During those three years, he was responsible for thousands of news stories, press releases, blogs, and product reviews about smartphones, tablets, wearables, and the software that powers them. He spends his free time reading mystery and philosophy books, and watching old sitcoms.


Faisal goes to Forman Christian College for his bachelor’s in Computer Science.
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