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WLAN Mobile phones are out sooner than expected

STMicroelectronics has just started the mass production of its STLC4370 Mobile Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) chip, which is geared towards mobile phone use. Its STLC4XXX line of chips will expand with an IEEE 802.11b/g and an IEEE 802.11a/b/g in the first quarter of this year. The cost of the chip has been cut to speed up the use and support of WLAN connectivity in mobile phones. The STLC4370 has a consolidated single-chip WLAN. In addition, it has an RF/VCO, ZIF transceiver, and an OFDM/CCK digital baseband processor, among the many other features and capabilities that it has. 

WLAN mobile phones can access business email services and advanced voice features, including Internet Protocol PBX. The STLC4370’x support for IEEE802.11e Quality of Service guarantees dependable performance. It also uses consolidated security capabilities that utilize IEEE802.11i and Wi-Fi protected access functions to safeguard data. 

Secure Digital Input/Output (SDIO) or Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) supporting clock speeds of up to 40Mbps furnish host controls. The WLAN driver uses the Symbian OS and Series 60 UI, enabling it to have energy-saving features which prolong standby and talk times. Though it is especially designed for cellular phones, the STLC4370 can also be used for other handheld devices such as PDAs and digital cameras. For non-cellular units, the STLC4370 provides a wide range of Linux drivers which provide a fast development of tablet or multimedia formats. Price is set at $10 each for a purchase of 100,000 units.

Trial HSUPA handset to handset call completed successfully

Nortel successfully completed the industrys first HSUPA call between two mobile phones. The company managed not only to make a VOIP call between the two devices, but also to transfer video and data, reaching uplink speeds of 1.4 Mbps.
Nortel has managed to complete successfully the industry’s first HSUPA call between two mobile phones. High Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA) allows uplink speeds about four times faster than current UMTS services. Using its commercial UMTS Base Transceiver Station and Aeroflex’s TM500 handset simulator, Nortel managed not only to make a VOIP call between two handsets, but also to transfer video and data. The uplink speeds, reached during the trial, are 1.4 Mbps. This trial reveals the potential of HSUPA, which will allow VOIP calling, video streaming, real-time high-definition mobile gaming as well as large file exchange. Nortel’s HSUPA is expected to be available to carriers in the beginning of 2007.

New antivirus solutions for mobiles!!

Ericsson Mobile Device Antivirus is now available as part of Ericsson’s Mobile Data Solutions portfolio, which offers enterprises secure mobile access to business-critical data applications.
Ericsson said Friday it is offering the industry’s first mobile antivirus solution specifically designed for operator environments. Ericsson Mobile Device Antivirus will provide centralized control over antivirus and SMS spam protection for SmartPhones running Symbian and Microsoft operating systems. It will be available as a separate product, as part of a packaged mobile data solution, or as a hosted solution, not decide yet.

Samsung Digimax L60, L85 point-and-shoots

For those who thought that the megapixel war was over, its time to reconsider their limits. Its Samsung this time that is stretching the limits. The two new point-and-shoot 6 and 8.1 megapixel cameras have been rolled out of the company.  The L 60 a 3x optical zoom machine that caters to the needs of mature photographers. But for those who can handle the lens device well there is the L 85 which comes with a 5x optical zoom providing extra clarity in the shots. The unusual point-and-shoot feature is going to give the competitors something to worry about. You can save the pictures in uncompressed TIFF format. The price is yet to announced but its sure going to hit the market in a big way.

Teddy Bear MP3 Player

Technology comes in many forms and this time it chose to pose as a little teddy bear. Weighing only 60 grams the cute little teddy bear is actually an MP3 player. The featured player supports WMA and MP3 files, digital voice recorder, and even charges its internal battery through USB. You can use it for recording messages, singing songs in your own voice for your children while they are going to sleep. With the price tag of $78, it’s indeniably cute yet very expensive. The release date is expected to be around 30th March.

Samsung SC DC164 camcorder

Continuing to be a leader in camcorder innovation, Samsung propels the DVD camcorder market to new heights with its advanced new model, the Samsung SC-DC164. The Samsung DC164 is compatible with all key single layer DVD formats as well as dual layer +R discs, an industry first. The Samsung SC-DC164 DVD camcorder is designed for consumers who want a high-quality, full featured DVD camcorder that allows for convenient, direct recording to high-capacity, single and dual layer DVD discs, as well as compatibility with the most popular memory card formats. The Samsung DC164 will be available in February 2006 with a retail price of $449.99.


Light Blue Optics comes out with a micro-mini projector

Some people say that the world is small, and some more say that the objects desired in today’s world are even smaller and sleeker. So gone are the days of big bulky and as claimed by many high resolution projectors because now better resolution and image quality is available in a small size, and very small indeed. Hold your breaths as Light blue optics comes out with its latest creation, the same being a micro-mini projector, the size of which is as small as that of a matchbox. The secret of the same is the PV Pro technology, which is an automatic mechanical process that scales the low-resolution images into high resolution. The same is also useful in controlling certain hindrances such as keystoning thereby, being of great help when projecting images using a cell phone on nearby walls. A PVPro evaluation kit will be presented by the company at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona next week. The price and the availability of the product is not declared as of now. The gadget makes it easier for the mobile phone users to watch movies on a screen considerably larger than the screen of the mobile phone itself and also makes the task of sharing photographs simpler. All this in a pocket! Hard to imagine and even harder to digest, isn’t it?



FCC approves Nokia 3250 musicphone

This was Nokia was waiting for may be with crossed fingers. The FCC cleared the latest musicphone from Nokia in its 3250 series. The phone is sophisticated with tri band GSM/EDGE 900/1800/1900 XpressMusic. The micro SD slot provides the compatibility that all require. Specified keys for music make it the definitive music machine. Radio on FM band and the 10 long hours run on the playback is a feature to die for. And the party doesn’t end here. The 2 megapixel camera twists open from the key pad. The music lovers may have to wait a little bit as Nokia hasn’t announced the probable launch dates. However this is one thing worth waiting.




Swiss Army Knife with a built-in MP3 player!

Ever thought you could open coke cans with your mp3 player or cut apples with it? This is no joke! Victorinox, manufacturer of one of the most sought gadgets in the world, the famous Swiss army-knife, has just come up with an idea of another brilliant feature to be built into the knife. As if the USB memory storage feature was not enough tech-savvy for a gadget, they have decided to cram an mp3 player into it, and all this with a lifetime warranty for both the knife and the player. A must have techno-gadget for all the technophiles out there.

Elegant Phone for Businesses: Cingular 8125

This peace of sizzling hot news is for all those who have an arrangement or deal getting going with Cinglar. Cingular has just launched one of the most elegant phone for the business purpose. This new product is basically an upgraded version of the HTC wizard enabled with a variety of Microsoft’s mobile phone products like Outlook, Excel, Power Point, Word, Internet Explorer. All these programs run on Windows mobile 5.0. The 8125 also has an entire Qwerty keypad that simplifies the process of typing and checking messages.
Its very light, weighing at a mere 5.3 ounces. It’s a very easily attachable phone as all your usual connectivity alternatives are available on this phone. It has an in-built Bluetooth,   802.11 Wi-Fi, and a Mini SD expansion slot. It’s equipped with a 1.3 mega pixel camera. However, at this point of time this PDA phone is available to Cingular’s business and its business partners. So, the normal customer would have to wait for some more time to lay their hands on this new piece of technology. The corporate price tag for the 8125 is between $225 – $250 for a contract of 2 years.

Canon Launching EOS 35D?

A Norwegian site has placed some snaps of a camera claiming it to be Canon’s next DSLR, the 35D. The snaps displayed were sharper than the previous month’s images that professed the camera referred as 30D and looks of a professional product shots. If the Norwegian site is to be believed then the camera is a 10 mega pixel model and is to be officially announced at Canon press conference in Oslo on February 21. So we all resist the temptation to announce our judgment till the official announcement of the 35D.

Skype provides exclusive Intel calling features

Skype users have one more advantage over other VoIP service users now, but only if they are powered by Intel dual-core processors within their computers. The Intel-Skype duo have together announced that they would be providing out a succession of calling features that would be availed by the customer who has Intel Centrino Duo or dual core Pentium D processor. The series of features being provided will include ten-way conference calling followed by enhanced video calling. The agreement might seem to be a bit bizarre but it sure has given Intel yet another reason to boast about its Core Duo.

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