appBlaster turns iPhone into motion-sensitive AR gaming gun

appBlaster turns iPhone into motion-sensitive AR gaming gun

Every thought that gaming on your iPhone or iPod touch is simply too discrete, and that not enough of the people around you realize you're playing shooter games rather than responding to Very Important Emails? apptoyz has just the thing, with its appBlaster gun: designed to hold your iPhone and give you a something to hold on to while you play Alien Attack [iTunes link], the gun chassis works much as we've seen Wiimote peripherals do in the past.

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Mobile World Congress 2008: We’ll be there

Vincent Nguyen is going to be repping us and reporting from Barcelona Spain for the Mobile World Congress this year. In case you didn’t know, the show was formerly called 3GSM, but basically this is the CES of the mobile industry, sure, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung, Motorola and the rest were all at CES, but this is the show where they’ll be letting the new gear loose.


Rumor: Nokia N95 8GB finally coming stateside?

Mobile City Online has a preorder going on for the North American edition of the Nokia N95 8GB with an expected arrival date of February 15th next year. This means that we could be seeing the announcement at next years Mobile World Congress.


GSmart q60 has dotty keyboard

The world of the QWERTY smartphone grows in ranks by one: Gigabyte’s GSmart q60.  It took me a little while to realise what the distinctive keys reminded me of, but it’s just come to me; they look like caps for a child’s toy gun.  Hopefully they don’t make the same banging noise every time you type on them.


Noduled-keyboard aside, the q60 is a 3G HSDPA, Windows Mobile 6-toting chunk of mobile media.  A 2-megapixel, auto-focus camera, 2.5-inch screen, Bluetooth and USB 2.0 round out the features, and it’s powered by an Intel PXA270 520 MHz processor.


iPhone Killer from Nvidia?

Am I the only one that thinks that the entire market is moving away from so-called “smart phones” and moving towards more of a mobile PC? It seems like the focus of phones is more towards leaving the laptop at home and using your phone for many of your needs. Granted, I know that is still a long way off, but we’re getting closer to that every day. Take the new Quark smartphone concept from Nvidia. Something big must be happening to get them to put some focus on making a phone.


Motorola Q q9 has better keyboard than old Q; my thumbs sigh in relief

Arne Hess has taken his hands to 3GSM and let’s all be thankful for that – if he hadn’t, we wouldn’t have this hands-on report of the Motorola Q q9.  Thankfully he did more than merely palpate it like a blind man touching up a nun; no, he answered my first question: is the keyboard any good?

Turns out, he reckons it’s easier than the original Q to type on.  Now I loved the look of the Q’s tic-tac keys and clean layout, but after a while they got a bit tiring on the fingertips; this new keyboard doesn’t look so cute, but if you can peck out emails without having domed impressions bruised into your digits then it’s an improvement in my book.


New Slider From LG – KS10

LG made a name for itself in the phone industry last year with it’s Chocolate phone. With new products like the Prada, they’re ready to compete with the best of them. One of the latest phones that they introduced at 3GSM this week is the KS10. And we managed to snap some pictures while we were there.


Is That a TV In Your Pocket? – Samsung F510

These days it’s all about content on the go. Music, news, TV, you name it. Samsung has been working hard on an update to their Ultra Video F500 so that you can get the best in mobile TV.


LG Electronics KU250 – 3G For All!

What a great slogan by LG, 3G for All! I wish I could say the same for my fellow in US where 3G are more like 3 Where? But enough about my jealousy of those 3G zoned users. The LG-KU250 will be available from twelve of the largest mobile operators in the world.


i-mate redeem Ultimate range; give them SideShow functionality

Back in January, when salivating slightly over ASUS’ ScreenDUO SideShow display, I interrupted my oral perspiration to wonder this:

“Wouldn’t it be easier to have a constantly updated cellphone relying on the processing power of your laptop together with the convenience of something most people carry round all the time?”

Well it looks like the good people at i-mate have been listening, or at the very least that we’re thinking on the same wavelength (I’ll expect my consultancy fee cheque to be in the post, guys), because their Ultimate line of WM6 smartphones (which thankfully won’t just come in the JayLenoChinphone guise but as a range of different handsets) will come with software that not only enables just that, SideShow functionality using the cellphone as wireless display, but also remote Windows Media Centre control and media-previewing. 


LG Prada running Windows Mobile 6 – Exclusive Photos!

There’s been a lot of conflicting reporting about the LG Prada’s OS, fuelled by some reported sightings of the handset running Windows Mobile 6 rather than the Flash UI previously seen in photos.  Well, Ahbao of SlashGear-sister-site SlashPhone has been prowling the mean aisles of 3GSM and scored some images of the WM6 version.


According to deeply reticent LG reps this is not the final casing for the phone, and when pushed they refused to say whether the handset will be the commercial version of the Prada handset, another variant in the line or a completely different model altogether.


A Phone That Can Do It All

We’ve seen a lot of new phones from 3GSM this year, most of them have new features and operating systems that we just can’t wait to play with. Possio however, has me intrigued by their new GRETA GSM Fax & Printer.

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